The guys from Xirid show two prototypes of their first product, the MIDI sequencer XS2, at Superbooth 2018. – A world premiere. The machine will offer 64 tracks. A pattern can be up to 256 steps long. The XS2 will be packed with features. For instance, Xirid plans to implement user editable music scales, chord editing and micro timing options. Patterns can be recorded step-by-step or in real-time. Thanks to individually selectable track lengths, it will be very easy to create polyrhythms. Swing and humanize functions plus the so-called user grooves guarantee that songs composed with the XS2 won’t sound sterile. – Even though the timing seems to be very precise already. Remix and random editing options allow you to generate variations of patterns in no time. Besides notes, parameter movements will be recordable as well. A MIDI learn function helps with integrating the sequencer into your setup. Additionally, there some clever sync options are planned. Five routable MIDI outputs and two inputs, a total of eight control voltage / gate ports and a pedal port are available at the lastest prototype. Furthermore, there are USB-A and USB-B connectors for attaching controllers plus a computer to the sequencer. Last but not least, the XS2 can be used as a MIDI Looper. User assignable keyboard shortcuts, track names and colors help you operating the unit.

The XS2 will be available in fall 2018.