As promised, here is the video of the Cwejman Event at Schneidersladen. Wowa Cwejman brought his new Multi-Band-Compressor module with him – the MBC-3. This rare opportunity to meet one of euroracks masterminds has brought some light to the development and design process of the outstanding Cwejman modules. Wowa Cwejman is a self-taught engineer of perhaps the most sought-after modules in eurorack. He always wanted to build pro-audio equipment and  we are lucky that he has chosen the eurorack track for building his unique instruments. This way it is possible to not only have outstanding signal generators but also unique pro-audio-grade signal processors in eurorack – like the MBC-3. It is way more than your usual compressor: it is a sound-design and remix tool that seeks its equal.

To get an idea of the new Cwejman module and a special insight into the work of this important manufacturer watch the video below: