The next workshops at SchneidersLaden will take place next Thursday – March 12th:

  • Modular Beginner Workshop / 6pm -> more info here
  • VanTa – workshop on Video Synthesis / 7:30pm

The 12th of March is reserved for visual artist VanTa. He will show you what he uses to generate graphical extravaganza with modular synthesizers. The focus will be on video synthesizers including modules by LZX Industries that allow your modular synthesizer to generate and process video signals.

In this workshop, we will learn the basics of modular video.
Starting with the characteristics of the composite video signal.
A compendium of available system will follow.
Later we will explore different techniques to create audio reactive visuals with eurorack modules.

Here is a little example of VanTas’ work:

See and hear for yourself during the workshop at SchneidersLaden.

Thursday // March 12th // 7:30pm // @SchneidersLaden

Participation is free / No registration required

The Modular Beginner Workshop, it is also free of charge and you learn about the basics of synthesis and all you need to know to start with modulars. Find out more here.