03112014784Workshop: Ipad and your modular (feat. The nice people of MODSTEP and ZMORS) / feb25th.6pm.

Dear modularists,

After our workshop last month where we dealt with cleverly integrating a modular synth in a DAW environment, this month we ll have a look at what the world of Apps is offering and how we can use these with a modular synth, where you ll also have a chance to talk to developers.

Touch devices were rather science fiction like 10 years ago and are now ubiquituous. Out of the zillion apps avaibale we chose two of which we think that they represent the most interesting when it comes to our concerns.

ZMORS is a modular synth in the vein of the legendary nord modular and offers plenty of connectivity to the outside world. Via expert sleepers ES-3 you can have a whole suite of modulators, oscs, lfos avaible to interact with your system.

While MODSTEP is the hardwaresequencer we always dreamed of. Be it through expert sleepers or a MIDI to CV module. We will have a look on how the functionality of MODSTEP can have an impact on your system.

Both the developers Benjamin Weiss(MODSTEP) and Sven Braun (ZMORS) will be present and will happily answer all your questions!

Workshop is feb 25th at 6pm in our showroom (kotti above Kaisers)

Limited to 17 (J) participants. Please register : tc@schneidersladen.de



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March 31 – April 2, 2016