A few words on new arrivals and product updates

  • The WAV Recorder by 4ms. Never miss to record a “happy accident” again! With the WAV Recorder and a 128GB SD card, you can record constantly for two weeks. If you keep this module patched right before your final output or as a sub-mix you can always keep it recording and save what you do in no time. Or set up a generative patch before you go on vacation, to get an idea of what your synthesizer does when you‘re not around.
  • The Flame Curves filterbank contains twelve bandpass filter and VCAs and pattern generator/sequencer! Thanks to this, the filter bands can be played rhythmically. While the sequencer is deactivated, you can choose between several filter types. – A feature that makes Curves even more versatile. You should check this module out in person!
  • The ACL KAZU and EVE 1 busboard are a perfect combination for providing one of the best power solution we have seen for a while. Dead quiet and very well build.
  • The Malekko Quad LFO – the most playable LFO on the market? It is at least very high on the list, another candidate would be the Vermona fourMulator, but this one has a very different approach. The Malekko Quad LFO offers performance features that are known from the Voltage Block and Varigate modules. And in fact they play very well together.
  • The Confundo Funkitus is a unique performance module for your trigger streams. It is a 4×4 crossfader with inbuilt probability functions to spice up your trigger workout. There is the “burn” function to create crazy fills and mutes for the four channels – yes, you guessed it -> it was made for live performances.


SchneidersLaden is on Instagram now! There will be regular videos and pictures of new products, patches that were made in the showroom and about the workshops!