milstein241243Gur Milstein (see Picture left) has send the worlds first, maybe even the universes first, euro rack modular FOLDING CASES.
A dream has come true. The mechanical performance seems to be made entirely properly and in seconds you can fold your case up and leave towards new horizons or a gig or to see your parents and show them your latest musical discovery. Most airlines will accept these as hand luggage. Lufthansa’s senior CEO said towards Andreas Schneider when both met on the golf court yesterday evening: “We don’t see any reason not to accept these inside the cabin, the brand Lufthansa has always supported artists and their special needs when travelling.”

So the next milestone (see the close relation to the word MILSTEIN?) in the synth world has been taken.

After the Stackables, Modular DSP-Cores and the Black Knight Folding Case we are too curious what the great Milstein is about to come up with next!?!
Time will tell, as everytime.