This week SchneidersLaden starts the new Workshop Series! The first guest will be Vladimir Pantelic aka VPME – creator of the Euclidean Circles and the new Quad Drum Voice. He will be joined by Matze from Instant. We’ll learn more about Vladimirs modules and the ideas behind them.

The Euclidean Circles has found many many fans for being so simple and complex at the same time – six sequences arranged in three LED circles that give you excellent visual reference of what is happening. And the signature element of the Euclidean Circles also made it to the latest VPME module – the Quad Drum Voice. This complex digital module has so much more to offer than it first seems. Each voice can either be a drum synth, wavetable oscillator or sample player and there is a mixer, EQ and compressor built in!

Vladimir will show you what his modules are all about and Matze how they can be used to play them live. Should be fun!

See you at this special workshop – Thursday 7:30pm at SchneidersLaden!

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