This is the first panel discussion from SUPERBOOTH18. The dicussion was about the interaction between humans and machines. Mylar Melodies was the moderator of this talk and his guests were Lady Starlight, Katia Isakoff, Andrew Huang and Lady Blacktronika.

The first SOOPERtalk in 2017 was a lecture presented by Flake Lorenz. He grew up in the German Democratic Republic and presented his whole musical career. From the first moments sitting in front of a piano to becoming the keyboarder in a very unusual band that is now maybe the biggest German rock band -Rammstein. Watch this highlight of SUPERBOOTH17 here.

This is the panel discussion from day 2 at SUPERBOOTH17, it features some very special guests, Andi & Hannes Teichmann, Holly Herndon, Alissa DeRubeis, Alec Empire and the moderator of the evening Jens Uthoff. This SOOPERtalk was about the motivation to make music and it is trying to find out why people are becoming musicians, although this is no easy way to live your life.

This cosy gathering of Moritz R, Daniel Miller, Jan St. Werner and Herr Schneider happened on the last day of SUPERBOOTH17. HerrSchneider has organized the SUPERBOOTH17 – this was the last evening – and he is trying to moderate it in between these personalities here, listen yourselves.