Herr Schneider is back with something new. During the next weeks there will be different releases of videos about workshops and performances from SUPERBOOTH17 and SchneidersLaden. Especially the workshop videos represent recent developments in the culture of Berlin’s electronic music scene.


This scene and especially the eurorack community have proved to have a very supportive and vital culture. This can be seen in the success of events like SUPERBOOTH Berlin, Maker Fair Berlin or Krake Festival. People tend to share ideas, discoveries and knowledge with each other to push the boundaries of what is possible. As a big part of this culture, workshops are the perfect opportunity for meeting each other and learning from each other. SchneidersLaden offers these Workshops for some time now and was able to present some big names as hosts. One of the recent Special Workshops was hosted by techno artist Surgeon and the video will be online tonight at 9 pm CET, it will be followed by the first video from SUPERBOOTH17 next week! Keep your eyes on Stromkult.com or follow the link at the bottom of this page.


Surgeon will be talking about his work with the Eurorack Modular System, with which he has been known to perform in clubs around the world. Respected as one of the most exciting live acts around, Surgeon is sure to have a wealth of knowledge about using the modular. He explains how his personal modular synthesizer story began in SchneidersLaden and how it developed since then.



Additional to the Special Workshops at SchneidersLaden, there are Beginner and Advanced Workshops, both are held on a regular basis. Please go to the Event Calender for the latest dates.