In November Tobi Neumann and Fadi turned Schneidersladen showroom into a (private) lesson on how to use a modular synthesizer not only as inspirational or improvisational tool but as an instrument that seamlessly integrates within a professional studio environment and workflow. Tobi Neumann’s career spans 2 decades as DJ and producer for labels like Cocoon, Playhouse and artists like Miss Kittin, Chicks on Speed and 2Raumwohnung. He is also what one could call an early adaptor of Eurorack and a longtime and cherished customer of our little store. Together with Fadi he forms a highly productive team. Their homebase is Apollo Studio Berlin which is centered around a modular system. With years of experience the two will provide insights into working with ModularSynths.

Enjoy this video of a special workshop at Schneidersladen showroom.