A few weeks ago Max from E-RM presented the prototype of their first module for eurorack – the polygogo. He explains how finding a GIF online was the initial spark to explore the unusual synthesis method the polygogo is based on. The polygonal synthesis is a kind of graphical complex amplitude shaping method. With the help of the built-in modulation options, polygonal synthesis in polygogo opens up a wide range of sonic possibilities from clicky pinged sequences to unique dark thunderstorms, bass lines, leads and colored noise.

During the workshop this mighty stereo oscillator proved to have a very wide range of possible timbres. The idea of sculpting a contour on the screen of the module, which is then transformed into sound, works really well and invites the user to interact with the module.


Your next chance to check out the polygogo is during SUPERBOOTH19 where E-RM will have a booth (W320). Additionally the module will be shown during a lecture concert on Thursday. And we have to wait for the official start of SUPERBOOTH19 for the final colour selection, price and availability.


SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19