Vermona, located in Erlbach, today ship their latest creations of the Lancet series.

kick_lancet_fWe are very exited about the first audible impressions here at Schneidersladen!

KICK LANCET is a further improved version of Vermona’s tremendous kick launched first in the DRMII Drumsynthesizer. While now even more parameters are offered to create a wider range of drumsounds this stand-alone device accepts dynamic gate signals and audio signals as trigger source too.

Well done!

MONO LANCET is a monophonic desktop synth housing two superstable osc’s, a powerful 24dB lowpass filter which is capable of playing a true sine tone  stable over a range of 2 1/2 octaces when self resonating!

At the end of the signal path we find a great sounding vca.

A 25 pole sub-D socket offers great access to the audio – and signal path!

We expect the units to be here thursday evening when the MFB workshop takes place.