Verbos Electronics took over SchneidersLaden for a special evening with workshops by Tom Holroyd and Mark Verbos himself. The workshops are covering most of the Verbos Electronics product line and give you an idea about what the modules are capable of and what the makers of these fine instruments had in mind when designing the modules.

The first part of the video documentation of the September 2019 event is the Verbos Systems for Beginners Workshop presented by Tom Holroyd. Learn the philosophy and handling of a Verbos system.

The main workshop with Mark Verbos is about Advanced Patching a Verbos System – including the new Mini Horse and Control Voltage Processor and dives deeper into different patching techniques.

And if you still want to learn more about Verbos modules, check out the Verbos Electronics YouTube channel for some nice performance and module overview videos and the SchneidersLaden YouTube and Vimeo channels for the latest workshop videos.