Great to see Mark & Sonya from Verbos Electronics again .They have been in the same spot with 4ms & koma – dreamteamer.

Mark demonstrated his 2 new Modules.

1. Sequence Selector:
A flexible, 5 stage analog sequencer that can jump to any stage via a pulse inputs, advance input or analog address. The CV slider row also has a transpose input allowing an external sequence to be offset, acting like an arpeggiator. There are also 2 5 way selectors allowing up to 5 external sequences to be switched between or chained together in longer arrangements.

The Sequence Selector is estimated in around a month.








2.Random Sampling:
A selection of random voltage sources. 2 fluctuating randoms capable of slowly, varying voltage or sweepable audio noise, each with an uncorrelated random gate output. A two output, up to 6 bit digital stored random voltage source. White, pink and metallic (TR-808 cymbal type) audio noise. A 4 stage analog shift register where each sample and hold can be broken out of the chain to be used separately. Availabilty isn’t clear yet.







Verbos will show up at Superbooth march 2016 in Berlin