Verbos presented two new modules here at NAMM. And with both of them we really have to stress:

While at first glance – with all the uber-news surrounding NAMM – they might not be too spectacular they both definitely deserve a second look. And while they work of course especially well with Verbos modules and systems, they will also drastically improve the performance options of every other system!

Verbos – Control Voltage Processor

The new Verbos module is a control voltage processor designed for live performance. It is composed of a slew limiter / envelope and two identical four channel CV and/or audio-mixers. The upper section is the slew limiter, which can also be triggered like a AD envelope. It features voltage controlled rise and fall time as well as adjustable slopes – independent of the time-base!  And then there is a special function called „bounce”. It pushes the envelope to overshoot/speed up for a short amount of time and then fall back to “normal”. It is one of these features that you will not want to miss once you heard it in action.

The lower section houses the two mixers.  Input 1 and 2 are attenuvertors, while Input 3 and 4 are accessed via a CV controllable DC-coupled crossfader. All inputs share one output which can also be offsetted by +/- 5v. Since you get two mixing sections (plus the slew limiter) really deep and complex functions can be accomplished. We imagine it to find a place next to your oscillators for morphing and blending CVs as well as oscillator waveshapes


Verbos – Mini Horse

The Mini Horse from Verbos is a multi-dimensional touch controller. Yes…also a keyboard.  Per “key” you obtain a fixed voltage and via the associated knobs a tunable voltage. Furthermore it features pressure, position and gate outputs per touch plate all of which are summed in the master section. The position parameter has a memory in the sense that it stores the value when last touched. This means that you can also quickly draw parameter changes! It is decidedly NOT a sequencer, but a performance controller designed to be the center of your patch. A 42HP case housing will be also available soon. Also very soon you can try these and ALL other Verbos modules within our showroom!