Friday, Dec 01, 2023

Two Workshops at SchneidersLaden on 7. December!

Double workshop time again! Join us on 7. December for another Modular Beginner Workshop (6pm) and – finally – another Artist Workshop! We are very happy to have Key Clef as our guest and your host for the 8pm workshop at SchneidersLaden.

Key Clef – Artist Workshop

Key Clef is a Berlin based, Italian Dj and producer with a strong passion for analogue instruments. But it does not stop here – Key Clef is also the founder of the label Ipnotica Erotica, she has been a very busy artist, founded and worked in many projects for many years now. This ultimately led to the point where there is no way past Key Clef in the Berlin techno scene. From live sets, DJ sets, workshops, label parties and much more – Key Clef is an artist we can learn from – and we will! Join us for the workshop 7. December at 8pm, right after our own Modular Beginner Workshop.

The workshop will focus on improvisational (modular) performances. We will get to hear a short live improvisation and Key Clef will talk us through her preparation and technical strategies to go and play an improvisational hardware live set with confidence. She will explain some techniques that allow her to create a situation in which she can play freely, reacting to the crowd and adapting to the energy of the room.

Key Clef Instagram

Key Clef Bandcamp

The Beginner Workshop

We get the evening started with our Modular Beginner Workshop at 6pm. This workshop is for anyone thinking about getting their first modular synthesizer. We will cover all topics necessary to understand the principles of synthesis and patching. We’ll cover the basic vocabulary and principles of synthesis needed to navigate the world of modular, and of course you’ll be able to ask the questions that your own research didn’t provide the answer to.

After the Beginner Workshop you can get some drinks at the bar and play on our Modular Synthesizer Carousell or simply join the second workshop of the night! It’s a pay-one-get-two type of thing – except: You don’t pay anything!

Both workshops are free of charge, and there is no registration required! Just come by and enjoy your time with interesting workshops and great people!

SchneidersLaden, Kottbusser Tor – Thursday – 7. December

6pm – Modular Beginner Workshop
8pm – Artist Workshop with Key Clef
Both workshops for free – no registration required!


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