Strakal Silisiom

Touell Skourn is an expert for distortion, fuzz and overdrive in eurorack – both with or without tubes. Now there is a new module announced the Strakal Silisiom. It features two different Fuzz circuits sharing the same controls and the possibility to morph between the two circuits (CV controlled). The all analog cicuits are built around russian nos silicon transistors. The 8hp module will be available at the end of September. Here are some sound examples:

Touell Skouarn Strakal Silisiom


TouellSkouarn was founded in 2010 in Plougastel-Daoulas, near Brest. All modules and stompboxes are named in Breton language (brezhoneg) and are made by hand using discrete high-quality components aimed to distort and scream louder than the ocean waves washing the cliffs on the coast of Brittany, France.

After Alex4 had taken part at SynthFest France, a cozy and engaged meet up all around electronic music spiced with workshops, demonstrations and concerts in the culturally rich city of Nantes back in 2019, Gael Loisson of TouellSkouarn invited one of their product specialists to visit him in his house in Brittany. This was a good opportunity for Tom to get to know Gael better and talk about all sorts of music related stuff. Getting in touch personally is still the best when it comes to build solid relations. Finally Gael agreed to record a little interview where he talks about his musical background and his way of working.