975_1301(NAMM 2012 / 13: the last one) Gur Milstein alias TIPTOP AUDIO introduced his unbelievable idea to offer an 8 voice modular system completely interconnectable with existing monophone modules over in/outputs All polyphonic modular components will be interconnected with special S-Video-like cables – easy. He had quite attractive modules and always a good sounds on the booth, great.

His smart Buchla-like folding casing idea for the eurorack also became more attractive to me after he is now able to ship even shorter on time if things like this are nessessary. We will have a few in stock always but who knows, have a look for them.

Also very great was his clones of 808 drumsounds. After we already had the BD modules now he shipped the Snaredrum and the HH(?) both shown on the Namm with their very powerful sound – even better than the original as it seemed !  .. please read the manual or check them to understand it yourselves. Its fun, they are nicely made and well packed.. AND available from stock right now.