The Lyra-8 is a phenomena – it’s massive, raw and deep sound made it a very popular synthesizer. The sound aesthetics are heavily based on the versatile effects section of this synthesizer which is now available for eurorack! Lyra8 FX is a dual delay with cross-feedback and the unique possibility of self-modulation, meaning the effect is able to influence its own sample rate. On top of this the module features a voltage controllable distortion. The sound of the Lyra8-FX is very organic. With the right patch, the module can not only create delays and distortion, but comb filter, chorus and other effects as well.

SchneidersLaden now has the an exclusive demo model available in the showroom! Come to SchneidersLaden to get your hands on this special effects module or pre-order it to be one of the first to have this special module in your rack!