p1060132 (NAMM 2012/?) Is somehow called different but I think he likes it a lot that I could in between forget again to call him different from STG, he likes to be just STG, so .. his modules are still a bit deep for all the as small as possbile nerds, but they feel excellent, all pots are screwed and the stuff is handmade.  In addition he is the most charmant synthie entertainer, he likes the TD stuff and gave me a card with himself in the middle of his instrument where he plays live with.

He showed me all his smaller modules and his sequencer ones and I decided to stockp1060125 more of them soon, as I heard in between my friends in Schneidersladen agreed, we will keep you updated. Here is a pic of his rack on the NAMM ..  by the way, this was the only System with one of the brilliant Livewire-modules, what made me kind of sad.