Monday, Aug 15, 2022

The SchneidersLaden Advanced Workshops are back!

The Modular Beginner Workshops in SchneidersLaden are very popular and often booked out long before the next date. What is missing since the beginning of the pandemic are the advanced workshops with artists, experts and manufacturers – this will change soon: New Advanced Workshops and Events from 25th of August!

The upcoming series of 5 workshops is more versatile than ever and should offer something exciting to everyone who is interested in electronic music and its creation.

August 25th: It starts with a special guest from far away: Aditya from Animal Factory Amplification – located in Bombay, India – contacted us a few weeks ago, because he will be in Germany again. We are happy to take this opportunity and turn the meeting with Aditya into the second workshop on his creations at SchneidersLaden. (here is the first one, in case you missed it)

September 1st: One week later we continue with Making Sound Machines from Düsseldorf, who caused a stir last year with their Stolperbeats sequencer for eurorack – we are happy to welcome the Rookie of the Year at SchneidersLaden. And we are curious about the story behind Stolperbeats and to meet the makers!

September 15th: Two weeks later we are looking forward to a special guest and the first Artist Workshop of the year – with Lisa Morgenstern. We could already convince ourselves of her skills at SUPERBOOTH22 and are looking forward to insights into her live set and to meet someone who can handle the many keyboard instruments in the showroom. With a little luck, we’ll have the new Rhodes MK8 on site by then. That would be something – Lisa Morgenstern on the new Rhodes.

September 29th: Another two weeks later it’s your turn – it’s all about hot irons and melting metal – it’s DIY time! If you want to dip your toes into the topic of DIY we can offer some help with assembling some selected DIY-Kits. During the workshop you will assemble the modules with the help of our experts from the workshop. Dare to build your first (or even twentieth) module with us – bring it to life in the showroom at Kotti. More info on the modules and how to register will be published soon!

October 13th: The last date of this workshop series is also on the topic of do-it-yourself. Here it’s all about Tapeloops with Sascha Bachman aka HAND. This technique needs some finesse and patience, but always delivers fascinating results with the incomparable character of real tape. Your host for this evening has already shown how to cut and reassemble tapes, open and close cassettes and make music with them during many workshops at SUPERBOOTH.

We are happy to be able to offer you such a nice program. The first three dates are of course free, please register at as places are limited. The two DIY dates are paid – more info coming soon!

This is a short overview so you can mark the dates in your calendar and prepare for the opening-event next week with Animal Factory Amplification – Thursday, 25th of August. Please write an email to to save your space!


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