TD_Poster_170623_RIXDORF_plainIn the 1970s Ballhaus Rixdorf (previously known as Weltfilmbühne or Rixi) once was a rehearsal space for Berlin bands such as Ton Steine Scherben, Karthago and also Tangerine Dream.
Due to a lucky coincidence of events we’ve been presented with the opportunity to return to this historically important location for a special concert.
Besides classics from the band’s catalogue Tangerine Dream will also perform a long instant composition based on the improvisation techniques of the 1970s.
Additionaly, on 24/06/2017 there’s also going to be a Tangerine Dream performance as part of the Berlin museum for musical instruments’ (‘Berliner Musikinstrumentenmuseum’) ‘Good Vibrations’ exhibition.
Since tickets sold out for this event after less than a few hours we’re now even happier to have the opportunity to offer tickets for the Ballhaus Rixdorf event on friday 23rd of june here !

Capacity is limited to 400 spaces – so, please don’t hesitate and book now!

A Tangerine Dream weekend in Berlin:

23/06/2017 Tangerine Dream
Ballhaus Rixdorf

24/06/2017 Tangerine Dream
Berliner Musikinstrumentenmuseum

25/06/2017 Quaeschning & Schnauss
Berliner Musikinstrumentenmuseum
2x Workshops: Modulare Synthesizersysteme, subtraktive Synthese, Step Sequencing
2pm + 3.30pm

Concert (Synthwaves)