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A look at the new Vermona MeloDICER

With the MeloDICER Vermona created a sequencer concept that inspires and invites you to interact with your modular. It is Vermona‘s vision of a sequencer with the perfect balance between stochastic and deterministic creation of rhythm and melody. Its algorithms generate random values, following the rules you set with the controls. This combination of determined and undetermined conditions results in an inspiring and intuitive experience.

The melody sequencer offers twelve faders for setting the note probability (from C to B), and two faders to set the range (lowest and highest note). The rhythm is controlled by the four knobs. The two DICE buttons allow to randomly change the melody and the rhythmic structure on each press.

In the first video we get an impression of the basic functions of the sequencer in DICE mode. It controls the Doepfer A-111-3 Micro Precision VCO paired with the A-106-5 SEM Filter.

The second video takes a closer look at MeloDICERs generative abilities, where it generates melodies continuously.

Workshop Videos! FRAP TOOLS / XAOC / VERMONA

Before we start the next series of workshops at SchneidersLaden, we owe you a documentation of past events – that’s what we share with you today! Below you will find three previously unpublished videos of the 2018 workshops. We start with the workshop by XAOC Devices, who are going in depth about their most mysterious, yet so powerful module – the Drezno! This video can be seen as a tutorial to the creative use of analog to digital conversion. During the last part of this video they also talk about their upcoming mega-VCO – the Odessa!

The second video is the workshop by Tom Körting presenting the Vermona module line. The small manufacturer of high-quality electronic instruments has a number of products in its portfolio, whose special features only become apparent at second glance – Tom puts them in the spotlight and gives many helpful tips and hints, which you should try out when working with these and other modules!

The third video is from the workshop with the italian manufacturer of eurorack modules – Frap Tools. Their latest module release Falistri is not yet covered in this video, but the almighty Fumana filter-bank is! Watch this video to learn more about the complex structure of this module, how to use it and what makes this module so special.

XAOC Devices

Maciek, Marcin and Tomek from Xaoc Devices were so kind to explain their more sophisticated modules to us. What initially looks like a lecture at university, is actually a quick and very good explanation of the huge and often overlooked possibilities of their Drezno and Lipsk modules. Those two go to the heart of digital-to-analog conversion (and the other way round) and are therefore perfect examples of what makes modular synthesizers interesting in the first place! You can go as deep into the shaping of sounds and modulations as possible! At the end of the workshop they also talked about their first VCO module – Odessa, an additive oscillator with great potential.


Tom Körting presented the Vermona Modular line for us in a workshop – with the twinCussion, fourMulator, quadroPOL, twinVCFilter and fourMative CONTOURS. He explores sonic and rhythmical possibilities and explains some tricks from his studio work with these fine modules. Beware: You might learn something!

Frap Tools

Simone Fabbri from Frap Tools gave this wonderful workshop on his mighty Fumana filter-bank module in 2018. We also learn about the history of the company, how it all started and where the ideas for their modules came from. From an early modular-case-prototype to the complex filter-bank Fumana – Frap Tools has established itself as a high quality modular brand a short time.


We hope to see you soon at SchneidersLaden. Don’t buy crap!

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19

Upcoming events at SchneidersLaden – with Lady Starlight, Dieter Doepfer, Vermona, Endorphin.es and Sacha Ketterlin

The regular events on Thursday evening at SchneidersLaden have developed into a permanent institution among interested sound researchers. Not only Berliners like to come frequently, SchneidersLaden welcomes guests from all over the world to every event. With a varied programme and exciting guests, you can experience over and over again how direct the contact to manufacturers and artists is during the events and how much you can learn from them. Be it a Surgeon who talks about his experiences (and with his immense experience) about his entry into eurorack-land and about how he does what and what works at live performances – or Wowa Cwejman giving insights into the development of his sublime modules and who is open for suggestions for improvements coming from the audience during the talk (who would have thought it possible that there was anything to improve in the first place).
But other events were also very well received – there was the Theremin Workshop by Carolina Eyck, one of the most renowned players worldwide – who finally showed a way to master the theremin. Or the audiovisual laser-performance of Bernhard Rasinger, who impressively demonstrated that a laser can trigger a very special fascination, with its direct and immediate intensity. To name just a few of the workshops at SchneidersLaden.

What’s next?

In November SchneidersLaden will continue with the last Workshopseries for this year – and we will start with a real highlight! A few days after her live performance at Berghain, Lady Starlight will open the next workshop series at SchneidersLaden. As a long-time friend and customer, Lady Starlight was already invited by SchneidersLaden to play at Berlin Atonal, at the Modular Schaltzentrale, this year. Together with Mark Verbos she presented 3 hours of uncompromising and improvised modular techno. So expect some raw, straightforward music made with machines on November 8th – starting at 7:30pm (as always) right after the regular Beginner Workshop.

The following Thursday (November 15th) it will be a bit more technical again. Tom Körting shows what can be done with the modules from Vermona. As a developer and manufacturer of synthesizers and effects units Vermona has shown for years already that they can offer uncompromisingly high quality, innovative concepts in their developments again and again. The new fourMative Contour, an ultra-flexible envelope modulation generator, has just come out. But also classics like the fourMulator still manage to tickle creative impulses. Tobi Neumenann also reported on this at his workshop in SchneidersLaden.

On November 22nd, Sacha Ketterlin from the Higher Resonance label will show what it can be like to massage your brain with a modular synthesizer consisting mainly of Macbeth Series X modules (see picture) – an atmospheric and intense ambient performance is to be expected. The following weeks event (November 29th) is dedicated to Endorphin.es – the company, not that stuff in your brain that makes you happy but the modules between your fingers that make you happy. The manufacturer of eurorack modules (with perhaps the most unusual panel designs) presents a live performance by Nicolas Bougaïeff with devices from Endorphin.es. After the performance Nicolas will be there to answer your questions. And to finish this extraordinary year of modular madness we welcome the person who started it all – Dieter Doepfer will be our guest on Saint Nicholas Day – December 6th!

So mark your calendars for the events you think are the most interesting – or just come by every Thursday have a beer with us and learn something about our most favorite machine – the synthesizer.

And if you are only about to start your modular journey or just want to know what the hell I am talking about -> join our Modular Synthesizer Beginner Workshops! -> Every Thursday 6pm at SchneidersLaden!


November – December:

  • 08.11 – Lady Starlight
  • 15.11 – Vermona
  • 22.11 – Sacha Ketterlin
  • 29.11 – Endorphin.es
  • 06.12 – Dieter Doepfer


Vermona Workshop with Tom Körting at SchneidersLaden // Nov 15th

On November 15th Tom Körting shows what can be done with the fine modules made by Vermona. After having some more performance oriented Thursday during the last weeks, this workshop will be a bit more technical an in-depth. As a developer and manufacturer of synthesizers and effects units Vermona has shown for years already that they can offer uncompromisingly high quality, innovative concepts in their developments again and again. As a proof – have a look at the new fourMative Contour, an ultra-flexible envelope modulation generator that has just been released. But also classics like the fourMulator still manage to tickle creative impulses. Tobi Neumenann also reported on this at his workshop in SchneidersLaden. For this workshop expect some in-depth look at the Vermona modules and musical examples of what can be done with them.

NOVEMBER 15th // 7:30pm // SchneidersLaden

And if you are only about to start your modular journey or just want to know what the hell I am talking about -> join our Modular Synthesizer Beginner Workshops! -> Every Thursday 6pm at SchneidersLaden!


The performance is limited to 20 persons, so…
>>>     Please write Timm for confirmation: Participation is free-of-charge as always!


How to find us:

@SchneidersLaden Kottbusser Tor above the REWE supermarket. (use the door within the REWE entrance – ring the „schneidersladen” bell – and knock LOUD on our metal door on the first floor)

Vermona Gesprächskonzert with Tomka Manu Modula @SUPERBOOTH17

Vermona presented the most part of their product line at SUPERBOOTH17 with a Gesprächskonzert by Tomka Manu Modula. They played a slow jam session with lots of high quality sounds coming from the modular, equipped mostly with Vermona and Cwejman modules and an additional Vermona ‘14 Synthesizer Keyboard.

Vermona will be at SUPERBOOTH18 again – you can meet them and check out their products at Booth #O234 or watch the Vermona Gesprächskonzert on Friday at 5:20pm in the cinema.

NAMM 2018 – Vermona

Thomas Haller showed us the final version of Vermona‘s Random Rhythm at the NAMM show 2018. The module will be out in a couple of weeks. Random Rhythm features two channels, which generate drum patterns by chance. In detail, users can determine the probability of 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/3 triggers being generated depending on an incoming clock signal. In addition, there are swing, offbeat and “roll the dice” functions per channel plus some global connectors like reset and a sequencer output. The module’s results sound very interesting. (This is coming from a person not very keen on random stuff…)

Vermaona random rhythem_s

Quasi as a partner for the Random Rhythm, Vermona developed a module with the working title Melodicer. It is meant for creating aleatoric melodies. You can determine the weight of notes plus probabilities for length and omission. Additionally, it is possible to set an octave range. There is a “roll the dice” function here as well. Again, the results sounded quite cool.

Vermaona memorizer_s

Another fresh module coming from Vermona is the Quad Envelope prototype. It consists of four phases, each of which can be used in attack, hold or decay mode with either exponential or linear behavior. A slow button sets one of two time ranges. For fine adjustments, there is a potentiometer per phase. In total, timing values from 500 ms to 30 minutes can be dialed in. Besides a normal and an inverted output, there is a time CV input as well as an EOP (end of phase) output. Using the sum buttons, it is possible to mix the signals of two or more phases.

Vermaona 02_s

Vermona also presented an early version of a routing matrix at the NAMM show 2018. Connections are done via buttons. Thanks to studio-grade components, audio signals as well as control voltages can be routed with the module – without compromising quality. In detail, the guys from Vermona think about a 16 x 16 and an 8 x 8 version. Both models will feature a preset system for saving and recalling configurations – a clever idea, especially for live performances.

Vermaona 04_s

Vermaona 03_s

On top of all that, the Vermona lads also had prototypes of a vintage filter, a slew limiter and a transposer with them. God knows if those circuits will become real products. The vintage filter sounded pretty great already, though.

Vermaona 05_s
And here is a video by sonicstate:

What about … Verzerrer? (distortion / overdrive / fuzz)

What do you expect your modular synthesizer to sound like? Warm, bright and clean, maybe? What about harsh, destructive and aggressive? If that is your goal then a dedicated module for this task should be in your rack. In this post we are talking about some candidates that are specialists for distortion, fuzz and overdrive. And to be honest, warm, bright, harsh and aggressive do not exclude themselves. They might not always be achievable at the same time but it is all in these versatile distortion, overdrive or fuzz modules.

Let’s do a little excursion first. What is the difference of distortion, overdrive and fuzz? We won’t b looking into too much technical details but focus more on the sound. It is possible to say that an overdrive effect is gentler and less aggressive than a fuzz effect, with distortion being somewhere in-between. With overdrive you get a warmer sound that can be related to the sound of overdriving a tube amp – and it will become harsher by turning up the input volume. Distortion circuits usually sound pretty much the same with different input volumes. The result is more distinct and richer with overtones. To get even more overtones from an effects module you should choose something like a fuzz effect. These work on your input signal to bend it close to being squared. Despite these basic characteristics it is very common to find quite some overlap of overdrive, distortion and fuzz in single modules or pedals – not only in a technical sense, but mostly in the audible results.

For more information on this topic, and some historical background on the evolution of these effect types as guitar pedals there can be found an abstract from the book “Guitar Effects Pedals: The Practical Handbook” online.



Vermona modular – VCDrive

(distortion and overdrive)

The Vermona VCDrive might be the most gentle and exquisite module of those presented here. It sound palette goes from mild and warm saturation to a classic distortion sound. The amount of drive can be modulated by the CV input, which gives you more creative options than using a guitar pedal for your distortion duties. The small form factor and high built quality make the Vermona VCDrive an interesting option for all kinds of saturation, distortion and overdrive tasks in your rack – except maybe total destruction of your signal.

TouellSkouarn – Strakal Brulu Koavonek

(new-old-stock east-german germanium distortion and fuzz)

The Strakal Brulu Koavonek has been on the market for some years now and has gained a loyal fan-base. This a good indication of the quality of this module. It is a pretty unique sounding circuit that has a deep lively sound to it due to the coupling of fuzz and feedback. It is on the wilder side of the available distortion modules and wants to be played. The feedback encourages to play with the different parameters and to ride on the edge of the Strakal starting to scream. All in all the Strakal Brulu wants attention and immediately starts a conversation with you.

Animal Factory Amplification – Pit Viper


The Pit Viper is a circuit by the Indian manufacturer Animal Factory Amplification. Coming from developing guitar pedals, Animal Factory Amplification entered the eurorack market with the Pit Viper – an uncompromising overdrive module. It features an expressive input stage, soft- and hard-clipping, lots of tone-shaping like four different filter types and saturation options. With all these options there is a lot of sonic potential to be explored, and because of three CV-inputs the results can be very complex. And if you feel like the Pit Viper has bitten too deep into your signal there is the handy dry/wet knob to dial in just enough of the processed signal you like. … and, one important note from the manual: Please keep the Viper away from cats! – If there is not a cat in your studio, please adopt a four-legged friend!

ZVEX Modular – Fuzz Factory

(germanium distortion and fuzz)

ZVEX is also more a guitar pedal company than a modular manufacturer. With its long tradition in making distortion, fuzz and overdrive circuits they finally adapted an all-time classic the Fuzz Factory to eurorack. The Fuzz Factory comes with a traditional ZVEX design, these little paintings that made their pedals so easy to spot on crowded pedal boards. The original Fuzz Factory was one of the first self-oscillating germanium distortion pedals when it came out in the mid-1990s and has gained lots of fans since this time and it is used by many professional musician in studios and stages around the world. The eurorack version now lets you play with this classic effect that really comes to life with all the new CV inputs – all parameters, except the level switch, are voltage controllable, providing for a magnificent, non-static sound.


Whatever your goals are for mangling your original clean signal – these are some of the specialists in classic overdrive, distortion and fuzz territory that has been covered by guitar pedal companies for the last 50 years. There are of cause other ways to achieve similar effects or way more complex effects. Especially within modular synthesizers there a lots of ways to overdrive or clip signals or go even further and wavefold and waveshape your signal. But this is another topic with lots of different options.


This is by no means a complete overview of the available modules or a full review of the modules discussed. The what about… texts are here to give you new ideas and maybe another perspective on things. All these modules offer more features than we have talked about in this post. For further information please click the provided links or – even better – visit the shop and ask the SchneidersLaden experts in the showroom.

Fideuà and synths – Modular Day Barcelona 2017

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.60″ background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” border_style=”solid”]

Modular Day Barcelona was a complete success again. The halls were full of interested and interesting people and the many workshops were well attended. There were probably more guests on site than last year. A rain shower had its premiere this year, but as it drove the visitors straight into the exhibitor’s hall, it was not really unwelcome at all, except perhaps by the chefs that were cooking a Catalan paella (Fideuà). For them it was quite a fight to keep the pan dish from degenerating into a fish soup… which luckily didn’t happen!

On the exhibitor side there have been the usual suspects: Befaco, Erica Synths, Endorphin.es, FrapTools, TouellSkouarn and many more. For the first time Mr. and Mrs. Verbos personally honored the Modular Day Barcelona.

Like in the past years speakers were strictly forbidden at the booths and only headphones could be used. Our systems were well prepared with Doepfer A-139-2, ACL Audio Interface and Vermona Twin Out. And as a result of that regulation the overall atmosphere was very relaxed. Most interest could be raised by new modules. For Doepfer, the A-111-4 Quad Precision VCO was quite well received. A lot of VCO in a small space. Approximately 100 Euro per VCO are a really good deal. Thanks to the MS-Matrix and a funny stereo patch, ACL caught a lot of attention underneath the headphones. The new Discrete Core Ladder VCF in particular has created a positive impact. The striking appearance of the Quad Envelope prototype from Vermona caused lots of curious glances and so the news like randomRHYTHM or quadroPol didn’t get lost in the unified and beautiful Vermona look.

In addition to pure modular synthesizers, the Taula4 Rotary Mixer and Podium Mikrokosmus (active summing mixer) have expanded the shown product ranges with the presentation of audiophile gear made in Spain. Hopefully we will see more of these products at SUPERBOOTH18. In contrast to the last years the evening concerts took place only partly at the actual venue, the hangar. The program was about as strenuous as it can get. Party till 05:30am (at least officially) and then start again at 10.30am. So you had lots of opportunities to have a good time, but not for sleeping.

We want to say thank you to the Befaco Team who have handled everything in a very professional and friendly way. See you at SUPERBOOTH18!


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Superbooth17 – Vermona

Vermona Mixer

Vermona presented a voltage controllable mixer with eight inputs, which is also usable as a multichannel attenuator, a CV generator and even as a step sequencer. The development is still in a rather early stage, meaning there will be some additional features, which weren’t announced yet.

Vermona Complex Envelope Generator

Furthermore, visitors of the Superbooth17 were able to take a first look at Vermona’s complex envelope generator. The module features four segments to create linear respectively exponential attack or decay curves with variable length. Using patch cables, several stages can be linked plus there are looping options.

Additionally, Vermona showed advanced prototypes of Random Rhythm, Twin CV Filter plus Expander, Unicycle oscillator and the Quadropol. All modules will become available within the next months.

Namm 17 – Vermona

Vermona 1_ProThomas Haller from Vermona presents a multitude of new modules at the NAMM show. First of all, there is the Twin CV Filter, a combination of two multimode circuits with switches for high pass, band pass and low pass operation. They can be used in serial, parallel or individually. Other features include adjustable gain sections with overdrive capabilities, CV inputs with attenuators and more.

Additionally, Vermona developed an expander, which adds separate outputs for all filter characteristics plus a normally not usable notch mode to the Twin CV Filter. Furthermore, the extension module contains polarizers.

AVermona 2nother new release is the Unicycle oscillator. It features three fixed waveforms (sine, triangle, saw) plus three alterable waves (pulse, odd / even, mutable sawtooth.) Besides tuning capabilities the VCO offers features like hard and soft sync or linear and exponential inputs.

Random vermWith the Random Rhythm, Vermona also designed a module that generates gate signals by chance. – Well, not exactly, as it is possible to adjust the probability with which its four channels (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/3) emit voltages. Offbeat and dice functions allow further variations. Using its clock input, the Random Rhythm can be synchronized to external equipment.

Vermona 1Vermonas fourth module is the Quadropol, a four channel polarizer with CV inputs and mixing functions. All mentioned products will become available this year at Schneidersladen. As if that weren’t enough, the lads from Vermona also showed concepts of some other modules, in detail a transposer and a CV controllable mixer with step mode. The ladder makes it possible to switch between channels using a clock signal.


ALEX4 has Moved

ALEX4You mostly dont have to take care about this, but the doepfer and others-general distributor ALEX4 moved to a new adress in the north of berlin where they have a bigger stock room and a nicer office to let our musical instrument shops over europe get the stuff they need from. But even there .. you can not find them next week because they will all be on NAMM showing the modular world to those freaks in the Los Angeles area who are not moving to washington to celebrate their new president at the same time. So if you are one of those living in the US and meet us in Anaheim near Disneyland to check for the latest news of AJH Synth, Audio Damage, Birdkids, Doepfer, E-RM, Endorphines, Frap Tools, Haken, Kenton, Sherman, Verbos, Vermona and others .. see you.

Back home from Namm

NAMM_ALEX4_Teamall the people of Doepfer, Alex4, Endorphin, Frap Tools, Birdkids and (not on this picture:) Haken, MFB, Vermona, Tegeler Audio ManufakturSchneidersLaden and Superbooth are back to their homes now to go ahead working on your topics starting tomorrow.
They reported a lot from there and we all are looking forward seeing you again in not just two months on berlins first SUPERBOOTH.
Please dont miss to read the following NAMM news by Paul and Carlo mostly.

Namm 16 Impressions 2

Here some fotos taken from the neighbours’ booth around ours:

Moog’s Mother Island

moog_1moog moogstand

Roland & Malekko showing the 500 Series and Roland’s new Case / Desktop Synths & their  MIDI controller.

Roland_3rolandroland_2 roland_4

Korg’s new Polysynth & the Odyssey


and some good guys




Promotions & Workshops

20150924_182836Camillo Ocampo made another constructive workshop teaching basic modulars on Analogue Systems and Doepfers mixed eurorack systems last week at SchneidersLaden.

Dates and happenings like this are quite en vogue at the time worldwide, so .. as a rep for the Doepfer Distribution Patrick Detampel is currently in Barcelona on the modular day showing the AJH synth, Doepfer and Vermona modulars in general.

Next week you could meet him in Budapest, Hungary on the Budapest Music Expo (Oct., 2nd til 4th) with a big Doepfer System, his Verbos Case and many more stuff around. On that event you will also be able to see the RS8000 by Analogue Systems combined with a french connection.

For the american friends of EUROrack Patrick D. will be on machines in music in NYC/Brooklyn (Oct., 17th-18th) to show his Subharmonic Groovebox by Doepfer together with the E-RM Multiclock, AJH, Vermona and the Endorphin.es.  So far for now?

on the namm again..

Marc_Shawn_Andreas_BillAfter European products are cheaper for our friends in the US now, we will join the upcoming NAMM show to let you touch and listen to the germans and their friends latest products on stand 6996 in Hall A! Dieter Doepfer will be there, Vermona, MFB, Manikin, JoMoX, Kenton, Eowave and BR-Laser from Austria having the Terminal in his case. We will be next to the stand of our american friends such as Verbos, WMD, Snazzy ,4MS, the Harvestman and many others probably brining loads of NEWS.

Join Europe: iTs CHEAP now!

The european money is cheaper than ever at least for people in the US and the UK now. Unfortunately for europeans the products from these countries are much more expensive now .. the other way round, so… a lot of our prices for modulars and others finally had to be increased now. So please accept the raise from 7% to 10% average with some very attractive modular series,
… we are sorry. New prices are online and valid now!

.. And finally: Be welcome and  join Musikmesse in Frankfurt/Germany – it will be April, 15th to 18th this year – spring time with even more new stuff for even better prices, .. perhaps!

Mellotron Sounds ..

P1120587The sounds of the Memotron – the (digital copied) original digital copy of the (original copied) mellotron – are  a collection of 100 included sounds from now on! All the remaining memotron units that will be selling new should have this. These ones are getting short anyway, a new model will follow up soon.
Join the NAMM show in Anaheim to check this out: Manikin electronic, Doepfer, Vermona, MFB, JoMoX, EOwave, and all the american modular brands will join the american Music show in January with a collective stand in Hall A. So if you can, be around from January 22nd til 25th, 2015.



_MG_8439_0217_klOn Thursday (September, 24th)  the DJ convention Dancefair will start for the very first time on the island Ibiza. Apart from “DJ companies” like Roland, the SAE and others some more attraktive hardware units by Doepfer, Vermona, Sherman, Koma, MFB and Manikin will be shown by Philipp and Franz from Schneidersladen on behalf of SchneidersBuero, Berlin. So if you are around have some fun and make some sunny sounds with them. Enjoy.

Musikmesse Aftershow 2/2

Centralmusic_KarrussellTonite in Kreuzbergs Oranienstrasse (#188!) we will have a workshop with Mark Verbos from New York introducing his eurorack products at around 8pm, this will be held in english. Then there will be a session with either Peter Kirn presenting his Meeblip synth and/or the Koma boys performing their pedals and Kommanders. Still before 10pm we will have a second rare introduction where Christian Halten will introduce his W-Lan interface for the Buchla Music Easel together with the chief technician from Buchla responsible for their production site. As on Musikmesse Mister MFB junior (the Tanzbär !) will take care for some drinks and good fun as we will do ourselves.


A lot of brands fulfilled their promises and sent in new stuff before the end of the year. So now we are able to ship Ken Macbeths dual envelope and his new dual SV Filter (!), the Mute Synth, nearly all FLAME products, the new version of the plague bearer by Flight of Harmony,  all products by flower electronics, all new modules by intellijel designs, our dear OTO biscuit .. and for the very first time ALL eurorack modules by MOTM at the same time (!!), thank you, Paul.

Also completely in stock is the modular range of pittsburgh modular, two modules by STG (the so called suit and tie guy),  the new Polivoks VCO and the Piston Honda by TheHarvestman,  at least the yellow stackcables by tiptopaudio and their great new 808 bassdrum – everybody is really happy with it, thank you, Gur (!).

And even if they are not online, yet, we have stock of  BOTH Trogotronic modules (please ask for the second one), also the brilliant Micro Hadron Collider by WMD is in stock and finally that perfect DI box in your system called  TAI-4 by Vermona! .. so we are looking forward to another interesting modular new year and wish you a very good start for yours, too.


vm_rvThe famous Vermona Retroverb went out of production now and it is finally selling out these days ! Vermona is promoting their new version of the more expensive Retubeverb now and perhaps they will re-release a new crash button holding spring reverber next year? We will see.


Vermona is back with a new version of their most famous spring reverb unit. The new RETUBEVERB now has a XLR balanced in and out apart from all existing good sound features that already their earlier model had. In a new steel casing it can also be mounted into 19″racks again optionally.


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