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Snazzy FX..

(NAMM 2012/6) Dan Snazzelle also presented a new module with a USB plug in purple, it looked good, but unfortunately i missed to check it out – sorry, Dan. We will probably be able to get them in, if you want one, so please dont...

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In November we will restock Piston Honda, also The Harvestman told he will release two new modules the POLIVOKS VCO and the BIONIC LESTER DUAL MULTIMODE FILTER. So please be aware!

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The Harvestman 3

The Quotile Ultimatum will be an expansion for the Zorlon Cannon taking that module probably back to your focus: It mixes the four random gate outputs and can be used as a bipolar mixer.  It has been introduced on NAMM...

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the Harvestman 2

As a follow up of the Polivoks Filter Scott Sebastian Jaeger introduced another cooperation with the  russian designer of the Poyvocs that will be called KY3MNHOPITEJI (?or so) during NAMM. It is a sub octave generator and a...

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The Harvestman 1

Scott Sebastian Jaeger alias theHarvestman now finished the Piston Honda. It is a Wavetable oscillator with variable interpolation resolution  now in production already coming over in around two weeks perhaps. Set your...

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