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NAMM16 – Moon Modular

  MM-569egb  MM-569ESB There’s also news for users of 5U modules in Moog form factor. Our friend Gert from MoonModular presents two expanders for the 569 sequencer one for addressing steps, the other features additional gate outputs.

MM-505-filterBut the highlight is the MM505 State Variable Filter which adds new possibilities to this form factor. No more Moog filter clone but a multi mode filter with individual outputs and beautiful resonance. We used it with a reversible mixer pre-filter, patching the filter outputs into it with different phase and amplitude which resulted in some utterly crazy feedback. If you need someting more experimental in your 5U system, go for it and you won’t regret it. Wonderful filter.

Tiptop Audio NEWS

Schneidersladen BerlinTiptop audio was introducing here in berlin now another two prototypes of interesting new modules to be released soon. The circadian rhythm (see upper pic) will be a very complex step sequencer with 8 by 8 plus 8 multi colored buttons and more that makes it very easy to use as Konstantin Gervis could show live in a workshop at Central Music around the corner now.

Schneidersladen BerlinThe second one was an even better looking module – the quantizer, that unfortunately could not have been explained too deep nor showed as good as the sequencer because the time became short. There was so many other hot stuff by tiptop audio to be explained and performed in the workshop, but we will check the remaining details very soon.


Attenuator cable ..

komaac_1After KOMA Elektronik successfully took care of the question “where do I store my patch cables?”, they now released another product to simplify the modular users´ daily business: The KOMA Attenuator Cable with one jack socket on one side, a jack plug on the other side and a slider in the middle enables the user to attenuate and adjust both CV and audio signals between modules from zero to infinity. A practical solution, not only for use with modular systems.

Metropolis coming ..

Danjel_IntellijelOur Friend Danjel alias Intellijel informed us, that finally this week the next big batch of Metropolis Sequencers will be ready to ship. So our part of at least 55 units – mostly already promised to our dear clients – should be coming in earliest end of next week, but hopefully very soon to be forwarded directly.

Tom Oberheim busy..

2vc-01b1After not having heard a lot, Tom Oberheim now came back to us with a bunch of soon to ship SEM units that has been ordered for a while already. By accident some of us misunderstood it as shipped already and perhaps informed you a bit too early – if you are on the waiting list, the units will ship around the end of this month – meaning next two weeks!

Apart from that, this is a good sign for those who still wait in patience for the twovoice he is working on. It could be coming, but .. please dont ask again, we will let you know about it asap – here – thanks.

More than just a moog..

The very first units of the long time expected
MFB Dominion1 keyboard synthesizer from Berlin could be shipped in July hopefully. There are plenty of videos on the web already showing the outstanding possibilities of this unit, but from what I saw at the manufacturers facility now, it will be even better…

Webshop 2.5 Suisse & VAT

In our webshop we could correct the mistake having 19% VAT on orders from Suisse. in General please dont hesitate ordering even with such mistakes, we still double check every incoming order manually and personally to prevent mistakes, so dont worry about such. Still in progress is the change to be https for your safety, we work on it.  Thank you for your tips and patience, if you have more, please write to SHOP@schneidersladen, thank you.

! Schneidersladen 2.0 !

attentionWe have a new webshop, now.  All of our existing clients will get an email latest tomorrow (july, 2nd) with their new login and pass to be able to see existing orders, to add new ones or so.
Some things will not work fine directly, some things will be better, please let us know about this per mail to shop@schneidersladen.de . WE will go ahead working it out. Thank you and good night.

Time to learn..

MKIV_2013_Schneider_4Grey sky is a good motivation to start a new indoor theme: If you want to learn more about modular stuff or electronic music participate in workshops: Apart from our constantly ongoing workshop every afternoon in kreuzberg there are some in London, next one on 29th this month.
Also on June, 29th there will be one in Berlin with Tom Körting who will teach you making weird sounds on our bigger system on an event in ..Friedrichshain (?). Another bigger system will be show on that DJ-meeting in Dortmund, Westfalenhalle (?), so there are possibilities enough these days.
we will keep you informed with details here about a week before the dates (!).

.. btw .. if you really want to go deeper with soldering things yourselves, Befaco is offering meetings for such in Berlin sometimes, please check their site.



We now cleared up our stock towards news of any kind with a limited summer sale. For the next few weeks there soldes-datewill be products on low prices as long as stock lasts – some because we stocked too many, some because we like you and others because they are not that perfect, find you own decision over here to order online or not or give us an email if questions are left to answer?

Synthesizer Day:

martin_komaLondon is in a little change towards that synthesizer day next week inside Rough Trade East on May 2nd. These to stompboxes (see pic) by Koma electronics from Holland are available from stock inside the recordshop. Connect your own sound from an iphone or whatever you want to play on them and have a good time.  On Wednesday next week we will be there helping you to understand all the other knobs and buttons too, you will be welcome to our testsalon and much more.

Trouby modular..

trouby_modular.. is a one man show brand from somewhere around berlin making 5rackspace modulars. Now he brought in one of his prototype cabinets including funny sequencer modules and a vermona/formant filter module that he would like to get rid of. The whole cabinet as you can see by clicking the pic will be selling for lower 900 EUR if you come in to pick it up. The deal will be made with mister trouby himself then. Ask me if you were interested or just step in to schneidersladen.

Selling out..

Curetronic and Trouby for sale!
Curetronic and Trouby for sale!

And finally something completely different: I am selling out some demo stuff on a special list calles “Sale”to get free space for all the new stuff. You can see the offers here. IN addition we would like to get rid of the remaining stock of well done Curetronic modules, it is two complete cases and some more new modules with the original value of 3700 EUR, we are at a very special price of just 2000 EUR for the whole stuff, if that could be intersting for you, pleas ask Carlo or me for the specs, thank you.

The dark brown case on top of it is a prototype by Trouby Modular, also on sale for just 899 EUR in total!


As a desktop stepsequencer now the UK based company called analogue solutions finally released EUROPA ! Now available from our onlineshop and on demo in our showroom!

Neue Zwerge by MFB

mfb_urzwergThe Urzwerg by MFB is his latest release and a four track cv/gate sequencer following midi clock, transpose commands and more in another of his handy desktop casings. The very first demo unit can now be tested in schneidersladen, serial models to be shipped will be ready very soon.


dsc_01411.. there will be a new 808style stepsequencer called EUROPA by Analogue Solutions. He introduced the prototype to  us with hand written descriptions on the front panel, what we liked a lot on NAMM, now there is a first impression on his homepage, looks good too! We will go for it, you can preorder formless only – so far.

Makenoise René

dsc_01091During the Nammshow 2010 also Makenoise introduced something like a matrix stepsequencer. The so called René was much more complex compared to others. With haptical plates .. a release date is not annouced yet.

Moon Modular..

.. alias Gerd Jallass was introducing his famous big sequncer in five rackspace formatdsc_0135.. with its latest expansions to the american audience on namm. The classic look and the size of their modules in combination with their modern and easy possibilities is generating interest also in younger generations, it was not easy to get William M. alias WMD away from that for our appointment.


z80001For real analog nerds their latest idea and hopefully the very next release from tiptopaudio will be the Z8000, a 4×4 matrix sequencer/programmer. We just had a look to the preview. Great.

And as we just could read elsewhere, also the Z-DSP  module could become reality soon. Its a programmable eurorackmodule to be connected with your computer, that was a bit too much of flexibility for me so far, but who knows, we stay in touch.


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