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Steady State Fate


Andrew Morelli never runs out of great ideas! At Superbooth 2018, the man introduces his Stereo Dipole to us, a two-channel dual filter. – Yes, the module contains two multimode circuits with switchable high-pass, band-pass and low-pass characteristics per channel. The filters can be wired in parallel or in series, allowing you to create really complex results. Besides cutoff and resonance potentiometers, there is a Spread knob per channel. This control allows you to offset the cutoff frequency of both multimode filters contained. All parameters are voltage-controllable as well. Furthermore, 1 v / octave inputs where implemented. Drive circuits give audio material a more crunchy character. Two audio outputs per channel emit the results of filter A and B. – Or the results of both, depending on the settings chosen. Additional potentiometers and CV inputs allow you to use the module as a stereo processor. For instance, you can evenly edit and / or modulate cutoff and resonance parameters of both channels. The Stereo Dipole’s sound is clean and more or less analytical. Yet, it appears to be crunchy and very musical. – We can’t wait to have it in our store!SSF_2

Another new SSF module is the Ultra-Heterodyne, a stereo panning VCA. It features gain stages at the inputs and manually as well as voltage controllable panorama parameters. The pan law is switchable, meaning you can choose between linear and a curved behavior. On top of that, you can also create effects reminiscent of a ring modulator with the circuit.SSF_3

Andrew also shows the Autodyne at Superbooth 2018, a compressor with parallel processing and sidechain input. Thanks to its punchy character, the module appears to be great for beefing up drum sounds. Of course, visitors of Superbooth 2018 can also have a look at the modules Andrew presented at the NAMM show in January. Muton is a click-less, eight-channel analog mute stage and summing mixer. Detect-RX combines the functionality of an envelope follower, a gate extractor and a rectifier. The Zero Point Oscillator is a great-sounding Thru-Zero-VCO that generates lots of waves, has morphing capabilities, linear as well as exponential FM and it comes equipped with a sub-oscillator. The Thru-Zero application point can be shifted.


Last, but not least, there is the Bantam. It is an awe-inspiring synthesizer voice with two oscillators plus Mod VCO, noise generator, mixer, multi-mode filter, VCA, ADSR envelope and a function generator. In addition, a delay effect and a two-channel MIDI / CV interface are built-in. (Yes, you can create duophonic patches.) A total of 54 patch points makes the Bantam a great entry point for modular beginners. That said, we’re sure that hard-boiled synthesizer nerds will also be highly interested in this synthesizer, once they hear its powerful and precise sound.


All new SSF modules will be released somewhen this year. Prices are yet to be determined. However, we can tell you one thing already: Andrew’s ideas on pricing seem very reasonable.


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