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Next Workshop Series at SchneidersLaden

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THURSDAYS // 7:30pm // SchneidersLaden

The school holidays are over – time for another workshop series at SchneidersLaden! After hosting dozens of manufacturer and artist workshops over the past years, SchneidersLaden is happy to continue this tradition with another series in August and September.

We invited manufacturers that developed new inspiring machines in past few months, we invited veterans from the scene, we’ll have a SchneidersLaden Spezial and we’ll talk about how to start your personal Buchla-experience. Be ready for modular performances, presentations and talks with Snazzy FX, ALM Busy Circuits, Verbos Electronics, Shakmat Modular, Flame, the SchneidersLaden Team and listen to the sounds of a Buchla Music Easel. 

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For all who want to know what to expect from these workshops, check out the video above and visit the SchneidersLaden YouTube or Vimeo channels!

Upcoming workshops:

15. August – Snazzy FX

We’ll start off on Thursday 15th of August with a veteran of the scene Dan Snazelle – Snazzy FX. One day before you can see one of his live techno sets at OHM. During the workshop we’ll also hear some of his music, but will mainly focus on his eye-catching modular and non-modular designs.

22. August – ALM Busy Circuits

A week later on the 22nd of August, we are happy to have Matthew Allum from ALM Busy Circuits here for a workshop and performance! We’ll have a close look at some of his developments – of cause the new SALMPLE 8-channel sampler module and the sooo handy Pamela’s New Workout.

29. August – SchneidersLaden Spezial

By the end of August – the 29th – we are doing a little SchneidersLaden Spezial – with lots of music by our team and conversations about what we are doing and why we are doing the things we do. Come by, enjoy a nice summer evening with the SchneidersLaden Team.

05. September – Flame

The first workshop in September is about an often overlooked brand from Berlin – Flame. With their new line of modules and their astounding stand-alone synthesizer Mäander, Flame is doing it again: Bringing highly specialized and tools with interesting performance features. And of cause we’ll have a listen to the Flame Mäander, which is a unique synthesizer concept that no one saw coming – it sounds fantastic!

12. September – Shakmat Modular

September 12th is reserved for Shakmat Modular! Constantly putting out new modules that bring more flexibility to all your clock-needs or solve the little annoying problems, for example the little helper HiPass. Francois is also preparing a little performance for us and will talk us through his patch – we are looking forward to this!

19. September – Verbos Electronics

The next workshop date got the title: Verbos Takeover! Be prepared for a full evening of Verbos Electronics goodness – this includes the Modular Beginner Workshop at 6pm! Followed by the main workshop where we’ll have a look at the current line of Verbos modules and …let’s all hope for a couple of minutes of Marks legendary live sets – fingers crossed.

26. September – Starting with Buchla

The last date of this workshop series is all about Buchla. One of the most iconic names in modular history is still a mystery to most – so we’ll have a look at the Music Easel, their modular line and we’ll listen to some of the sounds that build the legacy of this brand. So this evening is an invitation to all that are not familiar with Buchla and want to get their head around these special synthesizers. To get an impression of how it feels to dive into the rabbit hole named Buchla Music Easel, we invited one of our customers to talk about his first months with this instrument.


And don’t forget that there always is a Modular Beginner Workshop before the events described above. The Beginner Workshop starts at 6pm and all participants are invited to also join the main workshop too! All other events begin at 7:30pm and they are suitable for beginners too.


Video: Snazzy FX workshop at SchneidersLaden

On August 15th 2019 Dan Snazelle payed SchneidersLaden a visit to talk about his work as a musician and manufacturer of musical instruments. During the workshop Dan presented a short live performance, similar to what he plays in clubs and he talked the audience through his system. By focusing on his own modules he explained what purpose his own designs serve in a modular system that is dedicated to live performances.

Here is the video:

THURSDAY: Snazzy FX & Modular Beginner Workshop

15. August // 7:30pm – Snazzy FX

This Thursday 15th of August SchneidersLaden will have a veteran of the scene as a guest: Dan Snazelle – Snazzy FX. Today you can see one of his techno live-sets at OHM. If you don’t get enough and want to learn about how Dan is playing his live-sets, SchneidersLaden has the perfect opportunity for you. During the workshop he will play a short live-session for you and walk you through his patch, ideas and modules. Get to know the man behind some of the most eye-catching modular and non-modular designs! Ask questions, have a drink and a good conversation – see you there!


The event is free of charge, just drop by and enjoy. This is also true for our weekly Modular Beginner Workshop that starts 6pm, very Thursday.

How to find SchneidersLaden:

Kottbusser Tor above the REWE supermarket (use the door within the REWE entrance – ring the „schneidersladen” bell – and knock LOUD on our metal door on the first floor)


Here and now, as promised the video with Dan “Danny” Snazelle aka SNAZZY FX. Dan Snazzelle was on tour throughout Europe introducing five new modules in Barcelona, Berlin, Netherlands and Czech Republic stopping over at SchneidersBuero to talk about the presentations on Superbooth. In this talk the themes are: the new modules, Dan’s possible move (You are very welcome to move to Berlin Dan!) and the beauty of classic synthesizer schematics.

Also included is the beautiful looking and sounding – and often overlooked Analogue Systems modular system. There is a little teaser featured in this video by Clifton Cameron at SUPERBOOTH17 introducing the Analogue Systems Cabinet.

Snazzy FX on a podcast

w_dan_snazzyDanny Snazelle is one of the american eurorack inventors that showed up as Snazzy FX a few years ago already. In the beginning I did not take his brand too serious because his products was a bit too digital for my personal taste and packed as quite unhandy stompbox FX units. In between he “repacked” his products as A-100 compatible modules and added some new ones.
On NAMM he gave me a video update of his products and – probably even better to get an impression – he now made a podcast about his passion over here. The modules are mostly available now selling at Schneidersladen, too.

Tubes again..

Eric Barbour alias Metasonix complained about the americans who often dont like his way to promote his products – so the new version of a tubesynth is just called S-2000 having no additional name as the earlier wretchmachine.

The cheapest metasonix product ever has now been released as the F-1, a tube distortion pedal. We brought some of them to get them reviewed asap.

The unbelievable I-cunt (no pic here) was an exclusive deal with our american colluege analogue haven alias shawn c. who probably was quite proud on having such a peversive looking unit in stock for just his own.  Because we could not check the difference, I would say the F-1 is probably better and most probably much cheaper!


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