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Portrait of SchneidersLaden by culturetrip.com

Last year culturetrip came to SchneidersLaden to do a portrait of our work and the idea behind the showroom – the integrative place for creative minds of all kinds. A place to meet, learn and enjoy. You can watch the video below or read the complete article on culturetrip.com


“The staff at SchneidersLaden are bringing musicians and music lovers together to help them discover how to use this hardware to create and experiment with music.”




Workshops @Schneidersladen 2018!

Every second and fourth Thursday there is a workshop at Schneidersladen. Hundreds of modular beginners and experts take part in the DON’T PANIC (beginner) and P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G (advanced) workshops each year. This year some of the P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G workshops were hosted by special guests like Richard Devine and Surachai, Walker Farrell and Tobi Neumann. These spechial workshops were recorded and edited and can be found here.

In 2018 Schniedersladen wll continue to help newbies to get into eurorack and experts to improve their knowledge. On December 14th 2017, the last workshop of this year, was hosted by Schneidersladen employee Miquel (find some picures below the video). In January we will start again with new workshops of all kinds and throughout the year more workshops with special guests will be recorded.

If you havn’t already, take a look at the previous recordings, a perfect thing for those cosy holidays!


Here is th latest of our special workshops. Follow the LINK for the others and keep aneye on the Event Calendar for workshop announcements and other synthesizer related events.



The most recent beginners workshop with Miquel:

Workshop_Miquel_2 Workshop_Miquel_1

Video: Walker Farrell of Make Noise – Workshop at Schneidersladen

Make Noise workshop in full feature-length! Grab some sweets or a beer and make yourself comfortable to watch the next workshop video from Schneidersladen.

Walker Farrell of Make Noise held a workshop on the Shared System, new products and the company in general. This workshop at Schneidersladen showroom gained a lot of interest as Make Noise is one of the earlier and most widespread eurorack manufactures. Inspired mostly by what is called the westcoast philosophy of synthesis Make Noise developed the iconic Maths module that can be considered as one of the most important modules of the recent years. And they never disappoint when releasing something new, one of the latest developments – the O-Coast is a great success and motivated Make Noise to release some of the functions of the O-Coast as single modules – the Contour and Dynamix that can also be heard and seen in this video too. Walker is a long term employee at Make Noise and really knows what he is talking about. He gave a detailed rundown on the long awaited new Morphagene and its sonic capabilities, answered upcoming questions and explained everything he was talking about by patching examples live. We would like to thank Walker and Make Noise for this very detailed and competent workshop, sharing interesting stories about the company and their modules and answering all the questions that came up. And we are happy to welcome Make Noise on board for SUPERBOOTH18 in May.


Video: Richard Devine and Surachai – Workshop pt. 2

Richard Devine and Surachai visited the showroom at SchneidersLaden the day after their concert at Berghain. The best thing about it is that they have made a whole workshop out of it. Richard Devine showed his live rig and explained his unmistakable approach of playing a eurorack system. He is one of the most important modular experts and a key figure to the eurorack scene. Within our scene we all have different approaches to patching and our own uniquely assembled systems. During this workshop we shared patch-ideas and argued about favourite modules. Richard talked about his beginnings with creating music and using synthesizers and how he puts his musical ideas into practice today.

If you have missed part one of this workshop watch it here.

The second part begins with a performance similar to the performance at Berghain the night before. Then Richard is answering questions by the audience. Themes like special firmwares and patch methods come up that make his modular Synthesizer this special alien insectoid machine.


Beginner’s workshop w/ Livestockelectronics

livestock This month’s Beginners Workshop is a special edition! Besides introducing you to the basics of patching a modular synth we are also joined by the lovely people of LIVESTOCKELECTRONICS, a new manufacturer from the Netherlands we are sure you will hear from in the future.
They will bring a bunch of their new modules – among these a superinteresting sequencer called shepard,  a performance router / mixer called maze and some ultra-useful utilities.

Although we are all nerds here we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some anecdotes about the history of (modular) synths plus some insights into the module manufacturing business!

Workshop starts 6pm | In our showroom at Kotti above Kaiser’s supermarket (ring at: schneidersladen) | The workshop is limited to 15 participants. Please register under tc@schneidersladen.de (Thomas)

Looking Forward To See You!

SchneidersLaden Showroom moved!

Hi Fritter3typofotostromkultolks,

the SchneidersLaden – Showroom from Kottbusser Tor now has been temporarily moved to ..

– RITTERSTRASSE 3  (SchneidersBuero)

It is maximum 5 minutes walk from Kottbusser Tor (please click on  the map!), our opening hours are as always: MOn-, TUes-, THurs- & FRiday: 2 til 6 pm!

!!! To just pickup stuff or to buy some cables without support you are still welcome over here as always  !!! @Schneidersladen /  Kottbusser Tor.


Were closed now – til 2.01.2014

geschlossenSorry – Schneidersladen is closed over christmas for a longer period of time: December, 20th was the very last day in 2013 where we are able to sell you our very last few modules that we still send out on December 23rd before the end of the year will happen to all of us. We have the strong hope to re-open the existing showroom in 2014 on January, 2nd again and we hope that you wont miss us too much in between to see you again next year. so .. enjoy your life and  have a good time!

Schneidersladen closing!

Schneidersladen will be closed over christmas for a longer period of time: December, 20th will be the very last day in 2013 where we are able to sell you our very last few modules before the end of the year will happen to all of us. We have the strong hope to re-open the existing showroom in 2014 on January, 2nd again and we hope that you wont miss us too much in between to see you again next year. so .. enjoy your life and  have a good time!

For 2012 ..

.. we wish you a happy new year and all the best for you and yours (!).

SchneidersLaden will stay closed this monday (January, 2nd) towards our annual inventory. So we will go ahead answering your  inquiries of any kind and ship your orders again on Tuesday, Jan, 3rd.

Finally our Showroom has been redesigned completely and is ready for visitors again these days. We are looking forward to your feedback (?), thank you in advance.. and have a good start into this very new year.

Xmas patience!

DDR-Fotoausstellung so war´s...Dear Friends and customers, Unfortunately nowadays there is so high demand on support and questions in Schneidersladen, that we are kind of slow and behind with all our work.  So please just go ahead giving us your emails – if possible, please dont call – and wait in patience. It could take one or two days but we care for them all going down the row, thank you very much in advance.

Krauts on islands !

modular_ausschnittYes we do it: After some rumours we thought its a good idea: finally now we will open up a first showroom in London to touch, listen and feel the components of the modular world of nowadays. On October 10th we would be happy meeting you for our release of the modular testsalon inside Rough Trade East, please see more details on SchneidersBuero and/or here during next week. We still work on it.


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Herr Schneider started in 1999 with SCHNEIDERSBUERO as a sales and marketing platform for the smallest manufacturers and inventors of electronic musical instruments. Products were shown online, in our showrooms and at the original SUPERBOOTH – workshops and countless reviews have been featured in magazines all over Europe.

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