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Lon don gone !

Towards new adventures we finally gave up the London showroom that we called the “testsalon” inside Rough Trade East.
London_2012After our friend Martin made it for awhile and finally Simon Lynch held a few brilliant workshops for newbees and runaways there – we thought its enough for now and time for a change again.
So please dont be sad once you dont see the nicely enlightened cabin there anymore, other new places will pop up soon. Heres some London videos on what we did there once and heres the video on what we will do with all the modules right now..
(further news to follow up soon).

schneidersladen online..

aufbau-ostThe well made pictures of the most of our products are online again, we also found the mistake showing wrong numbers differing to the real numbers of products in a certain category – so slowly its getting better. Still there are some availabilities wrong, Doepfer cables are always here and also all the tiptop cables are available from stock, textes on the categories “worth knowing” are not shown in english, but anyway .. it mostly works and with the rest .. we work on it.

Webshop 2.5 Suisse & VAT

In our webshop we could correct the mistake having 19% VAT on orders from Suisse. in General please dont hesitate ordering even with such mistakes, we still double check every incoming order manually and personally to prevent mistakes, so dont worry about such. Still in progress is the change to be https for your safety, we work on it.  Thank you for your tips and patience, if you have more, please write to SHOP@schneidersladen, thank you.

Schneidersladen 2.3 ..

Die Übernahme der vorhandenen Kundendaten in unser neues Shopsystem hat leider zu Sicherheitslücken geführt, mit denen wir nicht gerechnet hatten. Zugunsten der Datensicherheit haben wir jetzt alle vorhandenen Profile im Webshop gelöscht. Vorhandene Bestellungen sowie daran verknüpfte Datenänderungen haben wir natürlich vorher übernommen und lokal gesichert. Ab sofort müssen sich deshalb leider auch Bestandskunden noch einmal als Neukunde registrieren.

sadomaso1Taking over existing profiles of our clients into the new shopsystem unfortunately became a major security problem that we did not expect. Towards the safety of your data and private informations we decided to delete all existing profles in the webshop now. Existing orders as well as connected changes in your profile has been kept and stored before this operation. From now on unfortunately also existing clients has to register as new users again on this system.


! Schneidersladen 2.0 !

attentionWe have a new webshop, now.  All of our existing clients will get an email latest tomorrow (july, 2nd) with their new login and pass to be able to see existing orders, to add new ones or so.
Some things will not work fine directly, some things will be better, please let us know about this per mail to shop@schneidersladen.de . WE will go ahead working it out. Thank you and good night.


On a DJ&Producer meeting in Dortmund (west germany) HerrSchneider and Patrick Detampel will present a bunch of modular systems, Synthesizers and other hardware devices to make electronic sounds and music on.
Starter Systems, Doepfer A-100, MFB-News as well as a buchla Skylab will be shown and can be played by visitors with our help. Its just for one day, so .. lets make some noise and dont miss this, NRW!

Time to learn..

MKIV_2013_Schneider_4Grey sky is a good motivation to start a new indoor theme: If you want to learn more about modular stuff or electronic music participate in workshops: Apart from our constantly ongoing workshop every afternoon in kreuzberg there are some in London, next one on 29th this month.
Also on June, 29th there will be one in Berlin with Tom Körting who will teach you making weird sounds on our bigger system on an event in ..Friedrichshain (?). Another bigger system will be show on that DJ-meeting in Dortmund, Westfalenhalle (?), so there are possibilities enough these days.
we will keep you informed with details here about a week before the dates (!).

.. btw .. if you really want to go deeper with soldering things yourselves, Befaco is offering meetings for such in Berlin sometimes, please check their site.


Expert Sleepers Workshop

cbbb550bdd5535a43867f4a84c91a8b3In our Testsalon at Rough Trade East in London Andrew Ostler alias Expert Sleepers will present his range of Eurorack modules and associated software this Saturday June 1st. Os will let you control software with modular hardware and the other way round starting with simply replacing the traditional Midi/CV converter with a direct interface for deeper and more flexible control.  If you can be around, register your participation now on the RTE site to have a place, participation is limited to ten people or so.

Basic Electricity #9 concert on Friday, 19th April

We’re honored to host Max Loderbauer at Basic Electricity #9 on Friday, 19th April. Max has been making ambient and experimental music since the early 90s when he was part of the influential Berlin band, Sun Electric. These days he collaborates with Tobias Freund/ NSI, Ricardo Villalobos, Moritz von Oswald Trio, Ari Benjamin Meyers and Andre Vida. This will be Max’s solo debut with a Buchla 200e synthesizer.
We’re happy to welcome back Erik Dower for a funky work-out as he goes head-to-head with the Boom Doctor. Look forward to seeing you!
Flyers are here. Facebook Event is here.be9-max
BE#9, 19.04.13, Doors: 21:00
Kastanienallee 77 (Kino)
10435 Berlin (Prenzlauer-Berg)



Wishing you a happy new year we are busy trying to catch up with all your questions and orders we found today in our mails. It will take a few days to get it all done because we are starting with a new software in SchneidersLaden now. This must also excuse the lack of showroom action within this week.

So If you want to visit our showroom, please forgive us if we dont let you in before monday, 7th / next week again. We need a few days to understand again how the system works and .. we try to ship all backorders asap.  so.. please go ahead making good music on your hardware that probably works fine? .. and have a good time!

Schneidersladen closed ..

We are closed from December 21st 2012 until January 7th, 2013 towards Christmas, Inventory and new years eve. In addition we will have some major changes with our computer systems, so we will need the first week of January to learn how it goes.. and to get up with collected backorders then. So ..

if you need something from us,  you better buy it now. Online orders coming in on 21st or later will be shipped the first week of January, but..  you will not be able to enter shop or showroom before January, 7th. Thank you for your understanding and all the best to you. Have a good time.

Cleared / prepaid orders will be
shipping until Friday morning!

Very last day with showroom this
Friday, 21st – youre welcome!

..it works again!

We had some trouble with our Onlineshop Schneidersladen today – now it works again . Thank you for your patience and sorry for any kind of complication wishing you a nice friday evening and a wonderful weekend!

Stompboxes by WMD

p1060580(NAMM 2012/12) Stompboxes by WMD became a lot and they are mostly very good fun. If you have a guitar pedal shop around the corner, you could ask to test one, they can get them from our distribution company quite easy ex Berlin into whole europe now.  Some good partner such as Session Music in Frankfurt, Hieber Lindberg in Munich or Digital Audio Service in Hamburg have some.

Nice Impressions..

.. about what we do here has been found by our old friend Arno Pohl on the web these days. I just forgot that I once made this site myself and .. looking back to the opening of our shop at the Kottbusser Tor now its a nice site beneath all the others. So if this doesn’t confuse you too much .. just have a look to extremesupersynths over here for some yesterdays impressions.

For 2012 ..

.. we wish you a happy new year and all the best for you and yours (!).

SchneidersLaden will stay closed this monday (January, 2nd) towards our annual inventory. So we will go ahead answering your  inquiries of any kind and ship your orders again on Tuesday, Jan, 3rd.

Finally our Showroom has been redesigned completely and is ready for visitors again these days. We are looking forward to your feedback (?), thank you in advance.. and have a good start into this very new year.

Xmas patience!

DDR-Fotoausstellung so war´s...Dear Friends and customers, Unfortunately nowadays there is so high demand on support and questions in Schneidersladen, that we are kind of slow and behind with all our work.  So please just go ahead giving us your emails – if possible, please dont call – and wait in patience. It could take one or two days but we care for them all going down the row, thank you very much in advance.

Mystery Beatboxes..

img_2959-2..like this are existing indeed: It is a brilliant tool our dear friend Holger makes in a very limited series. Unfortunately they was selling faster than he could built them up and Navs Modular Lab reported about one of them waiting here to be picked up these days.  Thank you for the picture to Nav and Martin.

London showroom..

.. has been redesigned now and arrived its Phase II: Please have a visit to our demo inside rough trade east once you make it to london. Everything is on DIY position, Support is always made over the phone included. Get access to the cabin and have some fun.

(.. click on the pics twice  to see more details ..)

hardware_london eurorack_londonmodular_london

Cheaper Shippings!

fedex_vanIt was a long way, but now we can offer much better shipping conditions for our european clients at SCHNEIDERSLADEN: For all packages up to 20kg inside the EC, Norway and Suisse  we invoice just 10 EUR net – meaning 11,90 EUR incl. VAT from now on.
For inside germany we agreed a  standard price of 5 EUR meaning 5,90 incl. VAT for packages up to 20kg.  If its above 20kg you will get an offer for the rate as soon as we are back to the office after your order came in.
And if you really need stuff the very next day, we offer express for just 30 EUR in addition. Welcome online.

10.12.: Continuum Control !

Jan Hinnerk Helms has been travelling the world to find interesting musical instruments for nearly 25 years now. As a happy owner of one of the amazing fullsize continuums now he will be giving an introduction to possibilities, sound and technic of this handmade threedimensional midicontroller in one of our workshops.

continuum_blogThe Haken continuum controller is one ofthe most outstanding midicontrollers of our times, that is also able to control analogue systems over the optional continuum voltage converter (CVC). With integrated DSP-sounds now the continuum became an enormously expressive musical instrument itself on top.

The workshop is limited to 20 people so please confirm your participation asap. If you want to join, please give us a mail to andreas@schneidersbuero.de and be there at 6 pm that day!

Schneidersladen, Am Kottbusser Tor Berlin, 10.12. 18h – 20h +X, 10 EUR p.P.

Six in a row for low ..

The six-in-a-row by Flame alias Mr. Per Salzwedel will be coming in very soon. Fascinated by its possibilities we could order some more units in advance to offer an introducing-very-special-price of 299 EUR only for the very first 50 units now. Even after we did not understand all the possibilities of the sequencer-like unit, we strongly recommend to go for it finding new and other ways to sequence your events and happenings. We are working on further textes, please watch the videos on his site!

Juergen Stiemert ..

juergen_stiemertJuergen Stiemert is now working at SchneidersBuero having been a client for years yet. He knows very well most of the  desktop units available for popular electronic music and he is able to explain them quite clearly. His main interest is our showroom, making music with clients  to learn more about the stuff and meet people.

Yes, we are moving ..

.. and we are looking forward meeting you for our grand opening next wednesday: On 9.09.09 there will be coffee and beer in the afternoon next to the kottbusser Tor above the Kaisers. If we missed to send you an invitation, please still come there or send us your postal adress that the brilliant little postcard can still reach you in time.


SchneidersBuero is based in Berlin Kreuzberg now!
From 09.09.2009 we are directly at Kottbusser Tor above Kaiser’s Supermarket (600m further), which means that our Showroom in Adalbertstr. will be closed from the 14.08.2009 … til then !!!
the new/old adress at Adalbertstr.80 will be still our post and delivery
adress, just the Showroom and the office moves !!!
Supplies, retour shippings, presents and orders please send to..
SchneidersBuero / Andreas Schneider
Adalbertstr. 80, D-10997 Berlin, Germany

Opening hours are as usual, to check things no earlier than 2pm , to pick up things, for support or just to buy things, you are very welcome as long as we are here and there. On weekends were always closed.

Navroz was the first one ..

08_sb092..visiting our new showroom and testing the dual Cwejman Filter DMF-2 as an option to expand his existing system. Even if this module has not been his choise it could be the one for you. To find it out his report will probably help.

In Navs modular Lab you can also find many other reviews and sujective opinions on the products we are busy with dealing them in and out to whom it may concern. Please feel free to give us your input, too.


STROMKULT is our platform for updates and news on SCHNEIDERSLADEN and SUPERBOOTH, selected electronic musical instruments and events related to modular synthesizers, sequencers, competent drum machines, analog modular systems, midi tools, controllers, converters and related products of all kinds. You can find all kinds of events related to these topic in our EVENT CALENDAR. Also on this site you will find lots of videos from SUPERBOOTH – the world’s largest trade fair for electronic musical instruments, news about events and workshops at SCHNEIDERSLADEN.

Herr Schneider started in 1999 with SCHNEIDERSBUERO as a sales and marketing platform for the smallest manufacturers and inventors of electronic musical instruments. Products were shown online, in our showrooms and at the original SUPERBOOTH – workshops and countless reviews have been featured in magazines all over Europe.

These very special instruments and tools are now often available from specialist dealers all over Europe and can be purchased directly from our webshop SCHNEIDERSLADEN worldwide.