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SooperRADIO live on air tomorrow!

SooperRADIO is a new program from the organizing team of Superbooth Berlin on Pi Radio – UKW 88,4 MHz (Berlin) und 90,7 MHz (Potsdam)Thursday 5-7pm. It is about electronic music in and from Berlin, the synthesizer as an instrument and performance device and its practical use.

The two hour radio show is hosted by Mareen and Andre, who welcome guest presenters as well as artists and consultant Thomas Kircher.

The first show:

In the first show Mareen and Andre talk about some basics of electronic music, its merits and the differentiation between subcultural and popular music. What is electronic music anyway and what can it do?

Two extremely likeable studio guests are also on board. One is the SchneidersLaden product expert Thomas Kircher, also an expert in electronic music and highly respected beyond the borders of Berlin. He will give us two practical examples of his work. The other guest is the experienced modular synthesizer artist and musician Sacha Ketterlin, who will talk about his experiences and working methods, and we will listen to some of his music.

SooperRADIO will explore many personal thoughts about electronic music, its effects, sounds and making music in its great variety. Supplemented with anecdotes, different perspectives and news about Superbooth Berlin’s attempt to make electronic music instruments and their potential and application understandable to a wide audience – all this is represented in a lovingly organized event called Superbooth.

So tune in with your old kitchen radio if you are in Berlin (UKW 88,4 MHz) or Potsdam (90,7 MHz), or find a live stream on the official Pi Radio website.

Update: Sacha Ketterlin live at Digitalanalog 2020

Update: Here is the second video by Sacha Ketterlin from Digitalanalog 2020:

With the second part of his live performance for the Digitalanalog Festival, Sacha Ketterlin presents a journey through melodic but also danceable techno.

At 128 BPM, he lets the legendary TR909 swing the beat to accompany the tempting synth lines he creates with his unique modular system. It is equipped with rare Macbeth modules that give it its special absorptive, richly structured electronic sound.
A Macbeth Micromac-D semi-modular synthesizer and a Buchla Easel Command are also used.

For real-time processing, all signals pass through Ableton, where they are further shaped by MIDI controllers.

Previous post:

Last weekend it was time for another edition of Digitalanalog Festival in Munich. For many years SchneidersLaden and Alex4 were part of this festival for modern and new music. The many concerts and shows had to be streamed online this year as there was no audience allowed. SchneidersLaden and Alex4 contributed several videos of live performances and presented some of the most interesting electronic musical instruments.

This is the first video is showing Sacha Ketterlin playing a short ambient set with his setup consisting of mostly Macbeth synthesizers and eurorack modules, accompanied by a Buchla Easel Command and Ableton live.

Modular in Munich and Essen

In the last weeks Sacha Ketterlin and Tom Körting were on the road with many synthesizers – in Munich and Essen it was about modular and other synthesizers.

DigitalAnalog in Munich

From 18. to 19. of October the Digitalanalog took place in Munich for the umpteenth time. As in the last years, Dieter Doepfer was there himself and even played a little concert. Sacha and Tom had the Modular Synthesizer Carousel and some other electronic instruments with them. The people from Munich were once again very enthusiastic about the instruments and played on them without hesitation – the later the evening, the more cheerful.

NOW! Festival in Essen

One week after Munich, Sacha and Tom traveled to Essen in the lovely Ruhr area. In the elaborately restored Zollverein colliery the NOW! Festival took place. As part of the festival, Sacha Ketterlin played a modular live-set concert. One day later, there was a discussion concert about modular synthesizers, where all curious visitors could inform themselves about these wonderful and complex instruments.

Fotos von Dirk Rose.

Upcoming events at SchneidersLaden – with Lady Starlight, Dieter Doepfer, Vermona, Endorphin.es and Sacha Ketterlin

The regular events on Thursday evening at SchneidersLaden have developed into a permanent institution among interested sound researchers. Not only Berliners like to come frequently, SchneidersLaden welcomes guests from all over the world to every event. With a varied programme and exciting guests, you can experience over and over again how direct the contact to manufacturers and artists is during the events and how much you can learn from them. Be it a Surgeon who talks about his experiences (and with his immense experience) about his entry into eurorack-land and about how he does what and what works at live performances – or Wowa Cwejman giving insights into the development of his sublime modules and who is open for suggestions for improvements coming from the audience during the talk (who would have thought it possible that there was anything to improve in the first place).
But other events were also very well received – there was the Theremin Workshop by Carolina Eyck, one of the most renowned players worldwide – who finally showed a way to master the theremin. Or the audiovisual laser-performance of Bernhard Rasinger, who impressively demonstrated that a laser can trigger a very special fascination, with its direct and immediate intensity. To name just a few of the workshops at SchneidersLaden.

What’s next?

In November SchneidersLaden will continue with the last Workshopseries for this year – and we will start with a real highlight! A few days after her live performance at Berghain, Lady Starlight will open the next workshop series at SchneidersLaden. As a long-time friend and customer, Lady Starlight was already invited by SchneidersLaden to play at Berlin Atonal, at the Modular Schaltzentrale, this year. Together with Mark Verbos she presented 3 hours of uncompromising and improvised modular techno. So expect some raw, straightforward music made with machines on November 8th – starting at 7:30pm (as always) right after the regular Beginner Workshop.

The following Thursday (November 15th) it will be a bit more technical again. Tom Körting shows what can be done with the modules from Vermona. As a developer and manufacturer of synthesizers and effects units Vermona has shown for years already that they can offer uncompromisingly high quality, innovative concepts in their developments again and again. The new fourMative Contour, an ultra-flexible envelope modulation generator, has just come out. But also classics like the fourMulator still manage to tickle creative impulses. Tobi Neumenann also reported on this at his workshop in SchneidersLaden.

On November 22nd, Sacha Ketterlin from the Higher Resonance label will show what it can be like to massage your brain with a modular synthesizer consisting mainly of Macbeth Series X modules (see picture) – an atmospheric and intense ambient performance is to be expected. The following weeks event (November 29th) is dedicated to Endorphin.es – the company, not that stuff in your brain that makes you happy but the modules between your fingers that make you happy. The manufacturer of eurorack modules (with perhaps the most unusual panel designs) presents a live performance by Nicolas Bougaïeff with devices from Endorphin.es. After the performance Nicolas will be there to answer your questions. And to finish this extraordinary year of modular madness we welcome the person who started it all – Dieter Doepfer will be our guest on Saint Nicholas Day – December 6th!

So mark your calendars for the events you think are the most interesting – or just come by every Thursday have a beer with us and learn something about our most favorite machine – the synthesizer.

And if you are only about to start your modular journey or just want to know what the hell I am talking about -> join our Modular Synthesizer Beginner Workshops! -> Every Thursday 6pm at SchneidersLaden!


November – December:

  • 08.11 – Lady Starlight
  • 15.11 – Vermona
  • 22.11 – Sacha Ketterlin
  • 29.11 – Endorphin.es
  • 06.12 – Dieter Doepfer


Sacha Ketterlin performing live at SchneidersLaden

On November 22nd, Sacha Ketterlin from the Higher Resonance label will show what it can be like to massage your brain with a modular synthesizer consisting mainly of Macbeth Series X modules (see picture below) – an atmospheric and intense ambient performance is to be expected.


Sacha Ketterlin has been building his instrument for many years. His focus is on the careful compilation of modules for the perfect analog sound and to make as few trade-offs as possible in order to bring it to the stage. Especially during his ambient performances you can really feel the quality of the sounds, here no sacrifices are made. Chords don’t come from samplers or digital modules, but from precisely tuned Macbeth oscillators – you can hear the difference.

November 22nd – starting at 7:30pm (as always) right after the regular Beginner Workshop.

The performance is limited to 20 persons, so…
>>>     Please write Timm for confirmation: Participation is free-of-charge as always!


How to find us:

@SchneidersLaden Kottbusser Tor above the REWE supermarket. (use the door within the REWE entrance – ring the „schneidersladen” bell – and knock LOUD on our metal door on the first floor)



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