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A few words on new arrivals and product updates. + a reminder for the Livestock Electronics Workshop on Thursday!

  • The long awaited update to the powerful Rubicon VCO by Intellijel is now available – the Rubicon 2! A huge amount of possible waveforms with dedicated outputs and the great FM capabilities make this VCO one of the most versatile analog oscillators on the eurorack market.
  • Also available now – the incredibel useful CG Products – Noise VCA! The Noise VCA not only consists of a noise generator and a VCA, but an analog multimode filter as well. In combination with one or two external envelopes, you get a full-blown drum and percussion voice. Add an VCO and you have a full synthesizer voice! Christian Günther presented his elegant analog designs in a worksopshop at SchneidersLaden last week.
  • The first delivery of Retro Mechanical Labs units is getting closer to being shipped. We got an update on the manufacturing process this morning. Aren’t they gorgeous?

RetroMechLabs1 RetroMechLabs3

  • More and more videos of concerts at SUPERBOOTH18 are released! The latest addition is the headlining concert by Blotter Trax together with Lillevan from the first day of this years Superbooth. Find this and all other SUPERBOOTH18 videos on the SUPERBOOOTH18 page.

And in case you didn’t notice yet: We have cut shipping costs! For orders from schneidersladen.com the shipping costs are omitted from May. This applies to all orders above 200 Euro* within Germany and from 500 Euro* within the EU, to Norway and Switzerland. Subsequent deliveries are generally free of charge.     * incl. VAT

More News: Have you been to our new event room? In Schneiders VideoTheke workshops, concerts and presentations of manufacturers, artists and friends of SchneidersLaden will take place every Thursday. Next one is a workshop with Livestock Electronics on Thursday 14th of June. Find out more here.


NAMM 2018 – Intellijel

After releasing mostly digital modules over the last couple of months, Intellijel now overhauled three of their analog classics: Planar, Rubicon and Korgasmatron 2. The basic concepts are the same as before. However, due to some clever additions, all modules are now even more powerful. Take the performance oriented joystick controller Planar, for example. It now features a digital control layer, making it possible to record, overdub and play back joystick movements. Additionally, the quality of the control element was enhanced. – The new version feels great! On top of that, the panel layout has been rearranged, so you aren’t blocked by cables anymore while going nuts with the joystick.
intellijel 03
The successor of the Korgasmatron 2 is called Morgasmatron. – Makes sense, as the new circuit is far more than just a clone of the MS-20 filter circuit. Its potentiometer ranges have been optimized, resonance and Xfade parameters are now voltage controllable. On top of that, there is a new distortion circuit, which makes the Morgasmatron’s sound even more beefy than before.
intellijel 01
Rubicon 2 features a new Warp stage, which combines the dialed-in pulse wave with either one of the sub-oscillators or another waveform. – It is even possible to use signals coming from external modules. The results often extend the range of 10 Vpp. To limit them, the so-called Squish circuit can be activated, a wave folder with fixed thresholds. Another new feature: Rubicon 2 can be used with linear FM or Thru Zero FM.

Morgasmatron will be available in a couple of days. The MSRP is 399 USD. Rubicon 2 will follow in February. Its MSRP will be 390 USD. Details about the release of Planar have yet to be announced.


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