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Special Workshop – MARCH 22nd, 6PM @SchneidersLaden -> lets talk about SEQUENCERS!

Hello modular newbies! March 22/6PM, we will give a Special Workshop in our once again expanded SchneidersLaden showroom.

We are doing another workshop! Mark the date on your calendar and come by, learn something about the fascinating world of sequencing in eurorack. Three members of our Schneidersladen team present to you noteworthy or interesting sequencers for eurorack modular synthesizers. Our goal is to give you some new perspectives and ideas on sequencers and to discuss pros and cons of different concepts to find out what it is you are searching for in a sequencer for your rack. The sequencers we are covering will mainly be melodic sequencers with trigger/gate and CV tracks.

Workshop starts 6pm! and it is free of charge – as always!


@ our showroom -> Kottbusser Tor above the REWE supermarket

(use the door within the REWE entrance – ring the „schneidersladen” bell – and knock LOUD on our metal door on the first floor)

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so…

>>>  Please write Miquel for confirmation:  md@schneidersladen.de

Looking forward to see you there!!!

The SchneidersLaden showroom team

If you can’t wait for the workshop to start please feel free to read these two posts about the same topic:


Classic sequencing – CV, trigger and gates //part 1

Sequencing in eurorack – CV, trigger and gates //part 2

Workshops @Schneidersladen 2018!

Every second and fourth Thursday there is a workshop at Schneidersladen. Hundreds of modular beginners and experts take part in the DON’T PANIC (beginner) and P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G (advanced) workshops each year. This year some of the P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G workshops were hosted by special guests like Richard Devine and Surachai, Walker Farrell and Tobi Neumann. These spechial workshops were recorded and edited and can be found here.

In 2018 Schniedersladen wll continue to help newbies to get into eurorack and experts to improve their knowledge. On December 14th 2017, the last workshop of this year, was hosted by Schneidersladen employee Miquel (find some picures below the video). In January we will start again with new workshops of all kinds and throughout the year more workshops with special guests will be recorded.

If you havn’t already, take a look at the previous recordings, a perfect thing for those cosy holidays!


Here is th latest of our special workshops. Follow the LINK for the others and keep aneye on the Event Calendar for workshop announcements and other synthesizer related events.



The most recent beginners workshop with Miquel:

Workshop_Miquel_2 Workshop_Miquel_1

Video: Modular synth workshop with Tobi Neumann and Fadi

In November Tobi Neumann and Fadi turned Schneidersladen showroom into a (private) lesson on how to use a modular synthesizer not only as inspirational or improvisational tool but as an instrument that seamlessly integrates within a professional studio environment and workflow. Tobi Neumann’s career spans 2 decades as DJ and producer for labels like Cocoon, Playhouse and artists like Miss Kittin, Chicks on Speed and 2Raumwohnung. He is also what one could call an early adaptor of Eurorack and a longtime and cherished customer of our little store. Together with Fadi he forms a highly productive team. Their homebase is Apollo Studio Berlin which is centered around a modular system. With years of experience the two will provide insights into working with ModularSynths.

Enjoy this video of a special workshop at Schneidersladen showroom.

>>> 3 days of modular events in Berlin >>> Workshop/Concert/Party

The next three days will be exciting for those who like to witness modular synthesizers being used in front of an audience. The modular journey starts tomorrow 6pm at Schneidersladen where Tobi Neumann and Fadi from Apollo Studio Berlin will give some insights into their work as professional producers. They will talk about their use of the modular in a studio environment and reveal some of their special tricks to the audience. If you want to participate you can find more info on how to register to this free workshop here. Don’t miss this special evening.

On Friday the #24th edition of Basic Electricity will take place in Berlin. This time the impressive König Otto in Neukölln will be the location for the longest running modular event of the German capital. The evening is titled “The Sense of Sound” where Thomas Ankersmit and others will be pushing the limits of sound! The doors open at 8pm and music starts at 9pm – tickets 10€. More info here.

On Saturday one is really spoilt for choice … There is the fantastic Colin Benders playing live at Ben Klocks Photon party at Berghain and there is the seven (!) hour modular liveset of Berlins Modular Gang at Oscillate at //about blank. Good news is: if you can’t make it to //about blank, or not for all seven hours – Cashmere radio will be broadcasting live, all night long! But don’t get this wrong – go there in person. The Oscillate partys are really good. In case you prefer going to Berghain, be prepared for a Colin Benders modular live performance that is more techno than what you might have heard from him in the past. This is going to be the first Photon party at Berghain and should be a great night! Wherever you decide to go – have fun and relax – the next modular synthesizer is not far away!

Workshop 6PM -> P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G:. with Walker Farrell // Make Noise

Hello Patch-People, Synthesizer-Enthusiasts, Newbies and Hardcore Modular-Addicts!

Next week there will be another of our very special workshops. We are very honored to welcome Walker Farrell as our guest on November 9th/6pm. Please join us that day in our beloved and newly arranged showroom!

Walker Farrell from Make Noise is coming to talk to us about the history and future of Make Noise and his own thoughts about modular synths and his music. We will also discuss the philosophy that guides Make Noise when planning instruments and iconic modules like Maths, Erbe-Verb or Morphagene.

Make Noise is one of the key companies of the recent modular renaissance and they keep on developing new and visionary ideas and pushing boundaries.

Join us on this very special evening!


>>> please write Thomas for registration: tc@schneidersladen.de <<<


Beer, Pretzels and Gummy Bears provided! Entry is free but limited to 30 Participants.

We start around 6pm in our showroom (Kotti above REWE)

Looking forward to see you!!!

the schneidersladen showroom team


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