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Be Bob

You wanna ve hairs like Mr Bob Marley  but you never had the patience to let them grow? then take our black or blue stackcables from tiptop audio which arrived with a couple of other stuff like their z3000 oscillator and the...

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Schnäpperkens etze !!

To clear up our shop a bit while making you happy we collected a bunch of very special offers now listed in Schneidersladen here. IN addition there is this list called SALE with single units from our demo that you can only order...

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Finally finito !?

As the manufacturer let us know, the M5 by Ken Macbeth also as M5N or M5X will no more be produced. For now mister Macbeth has enogh to do realizing his famous X-series dual Oscillator and more modules to come. Thank you.

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