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Neuzeit Instruments QUASAR

With Quasar there is finally a very compact and powerful device availaible which allows the musician to be creative with spatial positioning of incoming sounds. But what is spatial positioning actually?

It is more than just stereo placement. One can have sounds rotate full 360° around your head and also define heights. Filtering is used to create the illusion of near or far. The addition of a great sounding room reverb rounds up the spec sheet of Quasar. Of course this task may be patched in any grown up modular set up, but with reasonable efforts while Quasar delivers the function as a complete package in one and maybe for the first time in Eurorack format. The two demo videos hopefully demonstrate the modules capabilties well. While in the “first impressions”-video we control the module entirely by hand. In the second video we use the envelope follower outputs of the famous Fumana by FrapTools to control Quasar.

Update: NAMM 2020 News! Brenso, A-174-4, Dynamics 2806 and more

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The new year is just about two weeks old and we can already be sure to see some exciting new electronic instruments soon – actually we already saw some amazing new tools that leaked already. For the NAMM Show in Anheim, California we have heard about news from Frap Tools, Doepfer, Frap Audio, Kenton, Verbos Electronics and Vermona. They all will show products not yet mentioned, but there will also be already announced new products from Haken Audio, Analogue Systems, Buchla, Cwejman, Endorphin.es, E-RM, Flame and UDO Audio – all available for you to try out in Anaheim, CA..

Find some familiar faces by SchneidersLaden and Alex4, who brought well mixed and seasoned systems filled with modules by the brands they represent. You will find them at their excellent booth 10302 (Hall A).

The following brands will be there in person: Buchla, Doepfer, Endorphin.es, Haken Audio, Kenton, Frap Tools, Frap Audio, UDO Audio, Verbos Electronics, Vermona, but there will also be thematic stations with new modules on polyphony (Humble Audio, E-RM, Supercritical Synthesizers) and distortion (Animal Factory and TouellSkouarn) and generally again a (mainly) modular playground for the visitors of the NAMM Show.



 Doepfer introduced four new modules: the A-174-4, a new joystick module with innovative functions, the A-183-4, a quad level converter, the A-130-8, an eightfold linear VCA / VC mixer, and the A-133-2, the slim version of the A-133 Dual VC Polarizer with some improvements and additions. 


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Also already announced is the new complex oscillator by Frap Tools – Brenso. It is what you would expect …and much more. Two thru-zero oscillators, a waveshaper, two wavefoldes a PWM circuit. It offers linear and exponential FM, complex modulation busses and an analog circuit that, when excited by an external trig it opens the wavefolder above its maximum level and then closes it down with a non-linear slope, whose length can be manually regulated. This solution can generate percussive tones with a very organic decay.


And there is not only Frap Tools anymore – but also its twin, Frap Audio. Frap Audio is developing high quality audio products not for eurorack but for the 500 series format! Their first product is the exceptional DYNAMICS 2806 that you can see in the picture above.

The details of the new Verbos Electronics products will be gladly repeated for you: besides a compact 42HP case for the Mini Horse module, there will be a set of dummy plates (consisting of 1HP, 2HP, 2HP with logo and a 4HP dummy plate), the Foundation Oscillator (12HP), a Noise & Filter module in 4HP and a revised version of the Amp & Tone (10HP, the filter is now transistor based).


NAMM brought us one great new announcement from Animal Factory Amplification – Orobas, a dual vacuum tube VCA/saturator! This will be released as a limited edition – better be fast! 

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Modal surprised with two new models of the still very new Modal Argon8. Now there are a desktop/rack module, a 61 Keys version and the original version with 37 keys, velocity and aftertouch.



All Argon8‘s are polyphonic wavetable synthesizer. The instrument’s eight voices each offer four oscillators with a rich wavetable repertoire and a morphing filter. There are three effect blocks for sound refinement. A total of eleven modulation sources, including two LFOs, three envelopes and a joystick that can be assigned to different destinations using a mod matrix. All in all a very complete concept with great looks and feels.


Flame Mäander – NAMM 2019 News


Flame showed a prototype of their first desktop synthesizer at the NAMM show 2019. The Mäander (with umlaut) as it is called comes as a surprise to us. A good one. In every way!

Thanks to its digital oscillator, an offspring of the 4Vox Eurorack module with four voices of four wavetable oscillators each, the Mäander is capable of generating an astonishing spectrum of sounds. Huge basses, velvety soft to metallic leads and pads as well as a wide range of effect sounds can be created in no time. The highlight of the instrument is its flexibly controllable, fully analog filter bank with twelve bands and eight filter types. In detail, you can find high-pass, three band-pass, notch and low-pass modes as well as combinations thereof. Also this filterbank has a Eurorack sibling – the Flame Curves. Here at NAMM we obtained very articulated, vocal-like sound results through this. Something that left us very impressed. A synth-architecture like this demands many modulation sources:  two LFOs with variable shape as well as sync, re-trigger and one shot modes, an ADSR envelope plus a nifty live sequencer are all integrated. The latter is more of a complex, yet easy to handle arpeggiator generating up to four “notes” and up to twelve filter channel tracks. Here we go!

Being a fusion of all the unusual concepts Flame presented over the past years, the Mäander surely will be an extraordinary instrument.  It also reminds us of a little bit of the Syntonovo PAN. But unlike this synth, which continues to be in “concept phase”, the Mänder will be available in May 2019. We can’t wait to give it a proper test drive!


SchneidersLaden NEWS

In a couple of days Berlin might have more modular synthesizers in one place than probably any other city – because Superbooth will take place in Berlin. This year even bigger than before and again presented by SchneidersLaden. All our employees will be present at the fair to discover the latest developments in the field of electronic musical instruments.


Therefore the showroom has different opening hours on 3rd and 4th of May: 10 am – 1 pm. SchneidersLaden will be closed on Saturday and Sunday.



More important news:


  • Free shipping from May

For orders from schneidersladen.com the shipping costs are omitted from May. This applies to all orders above 200 Euro* within Germany and from 500 Euro* within the EU, to Norway and Switzerland. Subsequent deliveries are generally free of charge.

* incl. VAT

  • New rooms at SchneidersLaden

With the installation of a second, large exhibition room, the showroom area has been significantly expanded. This means even more opportunities for guests of SchneidersLaden to try out the latest and most interesting equipment in the field of electronic sound generation. In Schneiders VideoTheke, another new room, workshops, concerts and presentations of manufacturers, artists and friends of SchneidersLaden will take place. These events will be announced here on stromkult.com.

  • The next dates

17.05. – Workshop with Animal Factory Amps

24.05. – Workshop with Mutable Instruments

  • Workshop Video

Recently Schneiders VideoTheke was officially opened with a workshop on the new Verbos Electronics Multi-Delay Processor. The video of this workshop can be found HERE.

  • SUPERBOOTH18 News on stromkult.com

During SUPERBOOTH18 our experts will be looking for the latest developments and the most interesting equipment and will report on them here on stromkult.com.

  • SchneidersLaden, SUPERBOOTH18 and IRRUPT

Supersounds – A library of sounds to get you in the right mood for SUPERBOOTH18, free to download from the IRRUPT homepage and playable at the Modular Carousel in the Playground at SUPERBOOTH18. You can find the sounds on the IRRUPT homepage.


SchneidersLaden presents: SUPERBOOTH18

03. – 05. May 2018

FEZ Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin

thank you..

2016 was a wonderful year, we had a very good time with each other, a good mood in the company and many nice private moments. The world is going crazy and many people are anxious of the future but first of all I would like to say thank you for the past and even more for the present. We are at the lucky end of the world and we should share a bit more carefully the goods we have keeping a respectful relation with those who are not that lucky now and in the future.

I am very much looking forward to another great meeting on 2017s SUPERBOOTH to also talk about such with you and yours. I hope to meet you all up again soon wishing you a good start into 2017.
with warmest regards from all of us,

SchneidersLaden, Alex4 distribution and SUPERBOOTH17

NAMM 16 – Waldorf modular

Quite a surprise is Waldorf’s effort on Eurorack modular. Besides the already available nw-1 wavetable VCO they have three new modules and a highly interesting keyboard enclosure.


Let’s start with the latter, the kb37. Super hi-quality Fatar keyboard with glide, directly selectable note priorities and modulation and pitch wheels with CV outputs; rugged construction; 100HP space for modules and enough power, MIDI/CV interface with four individually assignable CC outputs; line level stereo audio output.


mod1 is a combination of 3 different modulators:

  • LFO with adjustable & voltage controllable symmetry and rate.
  • multistage ADSR featuring 3 decay breakpoints, each  with time and level parameters, can be used as a sequencer, too!
  • loopable AD-type envelope

Waldorf-mod-dvcadvca1 integrates two VCAs which can be coupled in different ways, for stereo, panning or crossfading use. It has extra gain for distortion and per channel both linear and exponential CV inputs. “Colour” adds a lopass gate effect based on a state variable filter.


Waldorf-compressorFinally the cmp1, a mighty hi-end compressor module with integrated envelope follower, flexible side chain options, bleedthru-parameter passing unprocessed input signal for parallel compression, hard/soft knee modes, up to +12dB makeup gain.


Its like this, NAMM u now:

Doepfer_Banner.. and also the black system of Mister Dieter Doepfer found its place on the stand #5014 with Doepfer and friends in between: Its the europeans next to WMD and friends, all the americans.. all together now. .. now .. is the time to think about the next step, friends and partners!
I am already busy with the superbooth, where we all will meet again .. after Namm, so .. be prepared and register now, if you like .. on Sunday its over! Yes, then its over! So if you cant find your companies name on this list now, you better ask your boss if he ever heard of the most crowded place in Hall 5.1 on Musikmesse over the last ten years? Yes, I think we were. And now? We dont go there anymore, but we welcome you to join us to have all the things of these days to do a bit more relaxed:
The trade show for electronic musical instruments and accessories is getting real: in Berlin. Next to the River Spree in the most beautiful House of Berlin, a lost formerly radio station with acoustically some of the best rooms all over europe, the Funkhaus.

so .. join SUPERBOOTH16 now.

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft

P1120954NAMM is great, everybody makes modulars and syntheiszers now, even outsiders like Waldorf, Radical technologies, Roland or Studio Electronics entered the world of eurorack, so now .. just  Moog and Buchla are a bit behind (!).

In Frankfurt (Musikmesse starts April 2015) we will know the real truth and see if the indipendent small companies will survive the attack from outer space. For now, we definitely made the race!

Carlo and Paul are running around for SchneidersLaden giving you updates on all the modulars here and on their site very soon.

on the namm again..

Marc_Shawn_Andreas_BillAfter European products are cheaper for our friends in the US now, we will join the upcoming NAMM show to let you touch and listen to the germans and their friends latest products on stand 6996 in Hall A! Dieter Doepfer will be there, Vermona, MFB, Manikin, JoMoX, Kenton, Eowave and BR-Laser from Austria having the Terminal in his case. We will be next to the stand of our american friends such as Verbos, WMD, Snazzy ,4MS, the Harvestman and many others probably brining loads of NEWS.

Join Europe: iTs CHEAP now!

The european money is cheaper than ever at least for people in the US and the UK now. Unfortunately for europeans the products from these countries are much more expensive now .. the other way round, so… a lot of our prices for modulars and others finally had to be increased now. So please accept the raise from 7% to 10% average with some very attractive modular series,
… we are sorry. New prices are online and valid now!

.. And finally: Be welcome and  join Musikmesse in Frankfurt/Germany – it will be April, 15th to 18th this year – spring time with even more new stuff for even better prices, .. perhaps!


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