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Digitalanalog in Munich this Friday & Saturday

It’s that time again. Like every autumn, SchneidersLaden is making a guest appearance in Munich. At the Digitalanalog Music Festival it’s time to get on the Karussell and take it for a spin! The Modular Karussell is waiting for curious visitors to try it out.

Those who want to spend a little more time with modular synthesis can do so at the provided systems including seating. There will also always be an expert on hand to answer any open questions.

After all the experimentation, inspired visitors can also take part in the Modular Workshop, which starts at 5pm on both Friday and Saturday. This is the perfect opportunity to delve a little deeper into the matter.

Of course, the Digitalanalog also stands for live music! There will be concerts from many musical genres on various stages. We recommend not to miss “Der Mann mit der Maschine” (He also builds modules!) and “Moogulator”. Both are proven experts in the field of sound synthesis and will surely offer exciting performances.

Digitalanalog Munich – 06 & 07 OCTOBER from 08:30 pm – free admission

Bye bye Gasteig – Digitalanalog 2021

After the trip to Munich Tom and Sacha paint a very positive picture of the event at Gasteig. As always, the Munich audience was very open and enthusiastic about the Modular Playground. Here is what Tom said about Digitalanalog 2021:

It was really amazing, because it was the very first event we went to after a lockdown where no masks were officially required! And really everyone enjoyed this somewhat historical event! We took compact setups that ranged from polyphonic keyboards to electronic drums that were easy for beginners to play, and the audience loved it. The carousel also found its friends again in Munich. Our appearance was rounded off by Mr. Karl Russell and his Droner bed, in which people could lie down to receive a sound massage, played by Karl himself. We spent two wonderful nights at the 20th edition of this very special festival! The workshop we gave this time was also really successful and we will probably offer it again next year! We are looking forward to meeting the Müncheners next year at Digitalanalog’s new location!

A look back at DigitalAnalog 2018

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DigitalAnalog 2018 is over – It has been very nice being able to take part in this unusual festival held in Munich’s iconic Gasteig. Sad to say the city’s council will tear down this location in order to make space for something new and posh to battle Hamburgs new opera house. But before that is going to happen we will definitely join the following edition of DigitalAnalog in 2019 with an even bigger modular playground and surely perform live as well. The interest in modular instruments and our Karusell was very high again and we are glad to report that the number of female players seems to increase significantly. So we are looking forward to going south again next year! Many thanks to all involved and to all employees of Gasteig, who made a very comfortable stay possible for us!





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photos by Tom Körting


17th DIGITALANALOG – Festival Munich

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The already 17th edition of DIGITALANALOG took place on 20th and 21st of October at the Gasteig in Munich.

DIGITALANALOG is an audio-visual cultural and art festival organised by the Holmeier family on an annual basis and free of charge for visitors. The Gasteig is a cultural center with an integrated philharmonic orchestra, which is unique in Munich, due to its design and its size.

As in 2015, HerrSchneider took part at DIGITALANALOG this year with his self-developed synthesizer carousel on the 1st floor of the foyer, so that interested visitors could be introduced to the subject of patching and button turning on individual modules for the purpose of generating sound. Arno P. gave support and encouragement for those searching for sounds and rhythms.

It was particularly striking that there was a pleasing number of female guests interested in electronical sound generation, which was easily recognizable by the visitors of the synthesizer carousel. For example a young girl explaining her two companions what an envelope module is, how it is used and how it would influence the sound. It was very nice to see that there was such an enthusiasm for the matter of modular synthesizers. Apart from that, the carousel was well visited during the opening times and partly a queue formed at the entrance to the carousel.

It is also worth mentioning that our neighbours, with their “Das Labyrinth des Vergehens” (a lavish and magnificent audio-visual installation) had booked the artists Ströme and Panic Girl – so there was a small SUPERBOOTH17 reunion in Munich. Unfortunately, Dieter Doepfer, who was also supposed to participate there, was hindered due to illness. We wish you a good and swift recovery!

DIGITALANALOG presented a pleasant and colorful potpourri of electronic music as well as alternative bands who played Ska or Britpop. The visuals were quite impressive during the live gigs and also outside, where there was also a screen set up for the smokers on which live images of the interior were projected.

We are looking forward to DIGITALANALOG 18!

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