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Right before entering hostile territory (the oxigen free catacombs of suffering) on the 1st floor we encountered Mordax’s booth and had a quick chat with Brandon.


Mordax is developing a very promising new granular processor: the GXN. It is able to record and process audio in real time. The format is .wav and it provides full CV control over all parameters. The final bit depth is yet undecided but 32bit depth and very high sample rates are possible. The ad/da conversion means business so we can all look forward to a top level player on this field. Once released, there will not be much inbetween you, the world of oily texture and morphing shazaaam. The author was also very impressed by Brandon´s slick haircut and thinks about improving his own cutting edge. Compliments.

Do you really know what you are doing? Oscilloscope comparison!

Using an oscilloscope is an excellent way to understand what happens to the signals in your modular system. The paths of the electrical current are as different as the modules used to process it. In complex patches, it can be confusing how and where your audio and control voltages take this special turnaround, or what happens to your sine wave in the wavefolder or waveshaper.
An oscilloscope can answer all these questions and will improve the understanding of your system and increase your familiarity with it.

There are of course the great big vintage oscilloscopes you might know from physics lessons. sometimes you find them cheap in second-hand shops and they look good. But they are much bigger and heavier than one might think. In general, they can often do much more than necessary to map the electrical signals in your system. You also want to measure these signals where they originate – in your case. There is now a nice range of options available for your Eurorack system to suit every task and budget.

The VPME ZeroScope is a low-cost variant on the market that can already master all basic tasks with ease. The ZeroScope is a compact oscilloscope with two channels. The module features single, dual and X/Y modes. Additionally, it can be used as a frequency meter and tuner. Even though the built-in OLED display is rather small, it is easy to read. Thanks to direct outputs, the ZeroScope can be incorporated into patches very comfortably.

Dave Jones Design’s O’ Tool is a modern classic among the Eurorack oscilloscopes. It is a two-channel oscilloscope module with an LCD screen that also offers a variety of other applications. For example, it offers a wide range of signal level measurement, spectrum analysis, tuning, BPM counters and much more.

The Mercedes among the eurorack oscilloscope is the Mordax Data, it offers the largest display and four channels. The Data module is not only a good looking oscilloscope with four channels, integrated tuner and spectral options, but a generator for audio material, control voltages and even clock signals as well. Seven modes of operation are included. More will follow.

More information, pricing and availability here.


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