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Moon Modular – 5U Synthesizer live performance @SUPERBOOTH17

The Berlin manufacturer of 5U modular synthesizers Moon Modular invited Udo Hanten to present this versatile modular in a live presentation. Hanten who has been practicing the style of the Berlin School since the 70s, is known for his work with Harald Grosskopf, Zenamon and the Space-Rock Band YOU. In the 80s he gained intensive sequencer experience in productions in the
Tangerine Dream Studio by Chris Franke. His performance consists of ambient Sound creations, surrounded by contemporary beats.

Moon Modular will return to SUPERBOOTH18 with their Booth H351 and of cause with another Gesprächskonzert – Friday (5:40pm).


NAMM 2018 – Moon Modular

Gert Jallas alias Moon Modular invited us to his booth and

showing us his 3 huge Cases full of fine 5 U modules – looking like a damn good set up to knock some walls down. The cases could also be seen as basic setup for his M500 P Powered Tolex Cabinet as a pure Sequencer or Audio Case or as a mixed Version of both but that will be decided later.

Here some new modules from the Moon.



a four-channel master mixer for audio signals and control voltages with master-level control, channel on/off switches with status-LEDs as well as independent voltage controllable input volumes and panorama positions. Master volume control with dual stereo headphone outputs (switchable pre/post master control).Switchable 440Hz tuning aid. The module has the original Moog Console Panel form factor.

moon 02_s



This module combines two VOLTAGE CONTROLLED FILTER circuits in one triple-width unit.

The two identical filters are switchable high pass/low pass filters (with independent controls for cutoff frequency and regene-ration. Filter slope in low pass mode is 24 dB/oct, in high pass mod 18 dB/oct. An additional jack combines both filters’ audio outputs. The four-mode combinator allows using the filters as: two separate filters (“stereo mode”) / two filters in series (“maximum slope”) / notch/band reject mode or in band pass mode. And the sound it creates is really amazing & musical.

moon 04_S

moon 01_s

NAMM16 – Moon Modular

  MM-569egb  MM-569ESB There’s also news for users of 5U modules in Moog form factor. Our friend Gert from MoonModular presents two expanders for the 569 sequencer one for addressing steps, the other features additional gate outputs.

MM-505-filterBut the highlight is the MM505 State Variable Filter which adds new possibilities to this form factor. No more Moog filter clone but a multi mode filter with individual outputs and beautiful resonance. We used it with a reversible mixer pre-filter, patching the filter outputs into it with different phase and amplitude which resulted in some utterly crazy feedback. If you need someting more experimental in your 5U system, go for it and you won’t regret it. Wonderful filter.


M526+M525.. gibts nach wie vor die GROSSEN MODULE !! What a big luck ! The gentlemen of Moon Modular still generate very well made 5 rackspace modular tools that are even better than they ever was, with possibilities that Generations before us had to dream of only ..  so ..
..Now they made another third even better version of their already attractive Quantizer Modul 565 (v3) now bipolar and programmable! Earlier versions, V1 and V2 can well be updated at the factory. Please get in touch if that could be an issue for you. They also showed a first wooden cabinet and racks to get all their modules  mounted up with a dotcom compatible power system. Give us a few weeks and we will show you a sample in Berlin.

Moon Modular..

.. alias Gerd Jallass was introducing his famous big sequncer in five rackspace formatdsc_0135.. with its latest expansions to the american audience on namm. The classic look and the size of their modules in combination with their modern and easy possibilities is generating interest also in younger generations, it was not easy to get William M. alias WMD away from that for our appointment.

Chuck Noisebug Jr..

moonmodularThe booth of Noisebug alias Chuck Oken jr. was the third adress on NAMM that was a must see for us (and you?) this year. They have been showing the stuff of Don Buchla and associates again together with, Vermona, the brilliant modules by Moon Modular and more. Noisebug is running a real showroom at the earlier Analogue Heaven adress in addition to the usual onlineshop. After they now show again some outstanding good units including bigger modular stuff (5 rackspace) they probably found their place in this US competition of three retailers in the same area and range.


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