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Arne Mannott: circus //with Gammon on his modular synthesizer

After more than 20 years of doing circus, artist Arne Mannott radically questions his practice and explores on a very personal level what this cut – and circus in general – means to him. Circus examines the artist’s relationship to his requisites and what happens when the old, very internalized language of movement, repeated thousands of times, can no longer be used as usual. What is the essence of circus when we eliminate the repetition of “memorized” tricks? At the same time, the question arises to what extent a recontextualization can overwrite existing (circus) clichés.

Together with Gammon, who performs on a modular synthesizer, they will go live on Youtube March 19th at 8pm. Gammon is well known from his participation at every years Superbooth, with his Modular Synthesizer Ensemble.

A live stream from the WUK Vienna / Großer SAAL
Friday, 19.3. / 8pm -> live on Youtube

Mother Tongues – Modular/Synth music – live – all night long

The many dialects from Noise to Techno. This Friday six live acts with a love for synthesizers will turn the Loophole in Neukölln into one of the most interesting electronic music experiences in Berlin this weekend. Mostly modular synths, mostly improvised performances – this night promises to be an intense adventure.

  • Date:
  • Venue: Loophole


Line-up and running order:

23.00 – 23.30   Benjamin Flesser

Benjamin Flesser works with modular synthesizers and manipulated or self built electronics.

23.00 – 00.00   JakoJako

and let there be Techno

00.30 – 2.00   Kitmun 

exploring modular soundscapes, from ambient to techno and anything in between.

2.00 – 3.00   Mirages Miquel Dangla

je parle acid and mostly wear blue

3.00 – 4.00   2244


04.00 –   till the end zv_k Konstantin Gervis & Jessica Kert

hypnotic techno, influenced by dub and acid, brought up on early industrial and old funk. Not restrained by sound presets or previous releases, they are never bored to play live and are constantly evolving.


For the lates news please visit this page.

Modular Synthesizer Workshop at We Make Waves

The modular synthesizer workshop at We Make Waves, Berlin-based festival and conference made for women, trans and non-binary people was very well attended and all participants were incredibly eager to learn. Many of them were long-time musicians – from singers to techno producers. They were very interested and took an active part in the workshop, so many questions were asked and answered. In the beginning Jessica and Jackie from SchneidersLaden introduced themselves and talked a bit about their passion for modular and their general background. Afterwards all participants were asked to come close to the modular to learn something about some of the core modules of the modular synthesizer. Afterwards there was an overview about the integration and connection of the synthesizer with an Acidlab Miami drum machine and a mixing desk. From there on it was all about patching. Everyone was invited to contribute to the patch and therefor was a part of the music that was created.

The workshop lasted for 2 hours – the last 30 minutes were used to hand over the modular systems and the Acidlab Miami to the participants. They were able to put down a pretty decent and surprisingly interesting acid techno jam.

The workshop was a good opportunity to bring people into contact with modular synthesizers, that otherwise maybe wouldn’t have taken the step. Therefor there will be more of these workshops, for example at SchneidersLaden showroom and SUPERBOOTH18 in the future.

Watch the Event Calendar for more modular synthesizer related events.

Synthesis Technology on the way

Good news from Synthesis Technology: Not less than 30kg of modules are en route to SchneidersLaden since yesterday:


Finally we will receive the first shipment of the E950 Circuit Bent VCO, few modules are still available so hurry up if you want one.

What else:

New manufacturers at SchneidersLaden

NAMM showed that there are still manufacturers worth having in our product range.

Rossum Electro-Music was on the bucket list instantly and the Evolution filter can already be ordered from us, the other modules will follow in spring.

We have been asked often if we will offer products from Bastl Instruments at SchneidersLaden – now we are happy to say YES. We are busy adding their gear to our webshop – if you need something different we haven’t in the shop yet just let us know.


NAMM 16 – Sputnik Modular

Unstoppable, lilac-colored Roman Filipov aka Sputnik Modular has a number of new stuff – he hasn’t yet decided which will go into production first.

sputnik-16stepseq The 16-step voltage source is like the small 5-step but way bigger.

sputnik-multisegment-seq sputnik-multistage-seq

Dual Multisegment Function Generator and Multistage Voltage Source are both really complex digital sequencer modules, especially the first one is pretty incredible.

sputnik-freqshifter Roman licensed late Jürgen Haible’s all-analog Frequency Shifter circuit! The booth was noisy so we couldn’t really tell how good it sounds but it’s really promising.

sputnik-seqfilter The Sequential Filter design resembles an existing 200e Buchla module. It comprises of three identical filters which feature frequency, resonance and level control. The eight-step sequencer saves all three parameters into one sequence and eight sequences can be stored. Proceed from step to step and from sequence to sequence with clocks. Look at one self-oscillating filter as a sine oscillator with VCA – the module can be used as a triple synth voice with sequencer as well!

sputnik-dualegLPG The Dual Envelope & Gate combines the envelope and lopass gate functions of other Sputnik modules to one compact module.

NAMM 16 – mixed news

In WMD’s big collective booth a lot of manufacturers were displaying a massive amount of gear so you had to look closely to get all news. Here is a mixed overwiev of things we discovered.

soulsby Soulsby Synths presented the Oscitron, a voltage controllable Eurorack version of their 8-Bit synthesizer Atmegatron. It features more wavetables, allows for recording your own wavetables and it has 128 samples resolution instead of 32. Price will be 299€ and release is in April ’16.


synthrotek-midicv-expressor Synthrotek’s new MIDI/CV interface offers something unique: it can be used in opposite direction, too so you can use it as a Clock-to-MIDI/USB interface. Imagine synchronizing your DAW to your modular’s clock – exactly this is possible! Cost is $199 and it seems to be available now

An expander will add arpeggiator functionality to the MIDI/CV interface for $150.

The Expressor module is a dual foot controller with a twist: each of the two channels having a pedal-controlled VCA allows for direct volume control by foot. Adjustments to the CV characteristic can be made as well.


pittsburgh-lifefoms   WP_20160124_19_53_59_Raw  Pittsburgh Modular have a new line of rather heavy yet really beautiful wooden flightcase enclosures and two modules from the new Lifeforms line:

The sv-1 is a new synth voice, bigger and more flexible than the Synthblock modules from the past. $699.

The kb-1 will be really interesting for users who like to have a touch plate keyboard but dislike the size and/or price of the existing ones. This one will cost $499, it is pressure sensitive, has an arpeggiator, one octave, four adjustable preset plates and two manual trigger generator plates.


No picture of Harvestman here but we were told his killer über-sequencer Stilton Hammer II will be available late February.

Namm 16 Impressions 2

Here some fotos taken from the neighbours’ booth around ours:

Moog’s Mother Island

moog_1moog moogstand

Roland & Malekko showing the 500 Series and Roland’s new Case / Desktop Synths & their  MIDI controller.

Roland_3rolandroland_2 roland_4

Korg’s new Polysynth & the Odyssey


and some good guys





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