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Dadamachines workshop on Thursday 21st Nov!

The next workshop – on November 21st – is all about physical movement. Dadamachines provides you with the ability to play physical objects with your favorite sequencer via MIDI! Learn about the possibilities you have with these electro-acoustical instruments!

Dadamachines will build a small installation for demonstration purposes, you will be able to see what is possible with the Toolkit and explore new sonic territories outside your modular synthesizer and computer.

And we heard some rumors about new products by that Dadamachines are working on – all very promising! If this sounds interesting to you, come by and join the next workshop at SchneidersLaden!

The workshops start at 7:30pm and participation is free of charge!

All this is new to you? Why not join a Modular Beginner Workshop at SchneidersLaden, it is free of charge and you learn about the basics of synthesis and all you need to know about modulars. Find out more here.

The Future is back..

NAMMlumix_day1n2 166Jered Flickinger alias Future Retro was seen at the Big City Music booth showing off three new products: A little Masterclock with smart features and gliding parameter as a little round (srry, no pic), then he has a shuffle master to manage sync and midiclock outputs and routings and an expander for this.

He also shows his midi NAMMlumix_day1n2 163polyphonic notes-distribution tool (1 HP in the rack) that can make several monosynths be a poly one together plus many other features, I will try to make it a video still tomorrow.


We now cleared up our stock towards news of any kind with a limited summer sale. For the next few weeks there soldes-datewill be products on low prices as long as stock lasts – some because we stocked too many, some because we like you and others because they are not that perfect, find you own decision over here to order online or not or give us an email if questions are left to answer?


cync-lock-red-background-1David Lackey of Innerclock Systems soon (end of october) launches his SYNC LOCK PRO providing FIVE indipendent channels of tightest clock, availible on Midi/DIN Sync outputs + 1 analogue pulse output that may be switched thru many divisions using a footswitch. Eachof the channels is to be taken advantage of using the Sync Gen II software!
Be aware. Price will be around 800,-€. In stock very soon. We start taking pre-orders now.

Simple Sync Shifting…

To shift your midi clock has long time been a dream for 808-users at least while that prominent drummachine is always running a bit out of time. The sync shift Mark2 by innerclock systems from Australia gives you the option to shift the midi clock or an incoming sync24 clock forwards or backwards. The result can be converted back into midi inside the same unit and so you can shift whatever you want. Now coming in again from the other end of the world in limited numbers.

Kenton Linedriver ..


Midi informations over distances longer than 5 meters has always been a problem. The line driver by Kenton is converting incoming Signals with a standard cat5 cable over distances of up to 500 meters. This is even more then the wireless midi system for up to 100 meters – mostly enough to connect the FOH with things on stage quite easy.


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