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NAMM 2018 – Malekko

Malekko presented the final version of the Manther synthesizer at the NAMM show 2018. According to Josh, the synthesizer will be available in a couple of weeks. The Manther’s VCO is based on the CEM 3340. – An original, not a cheap knock-off. It generates several waves, which can be combined with noise and an external signal in the following mixer. The filter is based on the SSM 2044. – This chip was used in many vintage synthesizers. In other words: You can’t go any more classic. Other components include a VCA, an ADSR envelope, a LFO and a sophisticated sequencer. Thanks to several audio as well as control voltage inputs and outputs, it is possible to use the Manther with modular equipment.

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Additionally, Malekko showed a sequencer-less module version called the Manther Growl at NAMM. Furthermore, visitors were able to have a look at a new synthesizer prototype, which is similar to the Manther, but features a wavetable oscillator developed by the Harvestman (Piston Honda Mk3) instead of a VCO. Furthermore, Malekko developed a quad drum module based on wavetable synthesis. Its sound was inspired by Emptyset. The module’s four channels can all be configured to be kicks, snares, hi-hats or tons of other, party rather experimental, drum voices. Distortion and noise parameters give results the finishing touch. On top of that, quad LFO, quad envelope, quad VCA and a multi-channel random module were introduced. Many of these circuits can be combined with a Varigate 8+ to get sort of a preset system.

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And there is this video by Sonicstate:

NAMM2017 started today

IMG_4738.. and there are plenty of modular manufacturers getting together again. Elektron released an update on their drummachine in a new casing, Pittsburgh shows his passion for slotmachines and Harvestman is offering a huge synth together with Malekko? This is just the little impression that I got from yesterdays look down thru the links on twitter. The biggest news today will be the funny new president (sorry, not funny) but still there will be other news n stuff to be shown over here in pictures and links… btw we learned to make pictures available in big again, so please feel free to just clic on the small ones..
lets make truth big again?

IMG_0468Running around on NAMM there are Carlo Krug, Sebastian Baumann and Henning Schonvogel for SchneidersLaden with the job to buy. For the Alex4 distribution company there are Rene Margraff and Jan Mueller with the job to sell, there are plenty of manufacturers themselves around them with the passion to play and finally there is Patrick Detampel with the passion to explain.
So if you have questions regarding the upcoming SUPERBOOTH17 end of april probably Patrick could help you best.

Please have a good time all together, be a peaceful and constructive community to get together again very soon here in berlin, europe for a warm welcome of our spring. I am very much looking forward to welcome YOU on board making the wonderful ride on the river again. And there is plenty of other reasons to participate again.
With warmest regards, HerrSchneider, Berlin


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