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The first NAMM announcements are arriving!

The NAMM show in January promised a lot of exciting new products to be released this year. Although not every highlight shown at the show is already available, the first newcomers are arriving at our shop and others can already be preordered!

Already available is the Intellijel Designs – Morgasmatron. It is much more than “just” a dual MS-20 filter clone. The successor of the Korgasmatron 2 features even more precisely tuned multimode circuits, expanded Xfade functionality, overhauled soft-clipping and Q-drive sections, a new overdrive design as well as ring modulation capabilities. Its sound repertoire is gigantic. This is not just a filter, it really is a sound design tool. Planar 2 and Rubicon 2 still need some time.

The Pittsburg Modular stand-alone synthesizer Microvolt 3900 for example will still take some time before it arrives, but everything is set for pre-ordering. All specs and the price are fixed, so all we are waiting for is to get our hands on the first production units! The Microvolt 3900 combines East Coast and West Coast synthesis philosophies in an unprecedented way. Besides standards, the oscillator offers foldable waves. It has a modern, powerful sound that really surprised us at NAMM.

One of the most awaited new entries into the eurorack market has been by Strymon Engineering. With their first module StrymonMagneto they have managed to draw a lot of attention. The module is a classic band-echo and spring reverb combination, psychedelic special effect, looper, phrase sampler or chaotic drone-oscillator. The digital module not only meticulously emulates the character traits analog recording and repro heads plus tape material, but goes far beyond a real tape system in many respects. Results can sound clean and modern, warm and fuzzy or dirty and distorted. It is not here yet, but it can be pre-ordered now!

Vermona worked some time on one of the most hands on rhythm generators on the market. At NAMM they showed the final version of the Random Rhythm and it is already available! Random Rhythm is a random generator specialized in producing beat structures. The module features two channels with outputs for quarter, eighth, sixteenth and triplet events. The probability with which trigger signals are produced can be influenced via sliders. Dice and real-time modes influence the behavior of the module even further. The results are surprisingly danceable.


More new modules and other stuff seen at NAMM 2018 will be available soon. Keep an eye on Schneiderladens new stuff section to be the first to know!

NAMM 2018 – Strymon Magneto

Strymon presented the final version of their first Eurorack module at the NAMM show 2018, a tape delay and spring reverb emulation called Magneto. The effects unit shines with clean, high-resolution sound. In addition, it is extremely flexible. At the input stage, signals can be adjusted in volume. High levels lead to crisp distortion. For determining the quality of the virtual tape, there are three parameters. Tape Age sets the bandwidth of the echo effects generated. Crinkle can add a good amount of crackles and dirt. Wow & Flutter introduces fluctuations to the tape run. With this knob set completely clockwise, the module produces sound effects similar to a chorus. Additionally, there is a low cut filter.

magneto 01_s

The tape speed can be adjusted via a big, very handy knob. True to analog delay units, the control element is capable of introducing very cool, highly energetic pitch effects. Furthermore, there are a clock input and a tap function. Up to four playback heads pick up signals recorded on the virtual tape. They can be leveled independently. In addition, users can decide which tape head signal(s) are fed to the feedback path. A potentiometer determines the feedback strength. High values make the Magneto self-oscillate, meaning the module is usable as an oscillator or a drone generator. – Did I mention there is a 1v / octave CV input and a quantize function?

magneto 02_s

The playback heads can be used in one of three panorama configurations: LRLR, center or LRRL. On top of that, there are three timing options to choose from: Even, triplet and shift. While the first two modes are self-explanatory, the shift setting deserves a little extra attention. As the name suggests, it transposes each tap individually. In result, you get very rich, kind of surreal echos. A transport section can be used to start and stop the virtual tape. Again, the module will produce pitch effects similar to the sound of analog devices. The transport section also comes in handy while using the Magneto in looper or phrase sampler mode. – Yes, all this is possible as well. The spring reverb emulation doesn’t rattle like the real deal. However, its metallic sound character is very atmospheric. By the way, Magneto is a true-stereo module, meaning it features two audio inputs and outputs. Via a jumper, it can be transformed into a mono delay and a mono reverb. Last but not least, it should be mentioned that lots of parameters are voltage controllable plus there is a clock output per tap.

Magneto will be available in February 2018.


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