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Machines in Music – New York

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Machines in Music at Knockdown Center in New York is a quality modular event located  in a building which was originally a window-producing joinery. The rather compact event convinces its guests with a good selection of exhibiting modular manufacturers like Doepfer, Make Noise, Verbos Electronics, Snazzy FX and many more. In contrast to some other events of this kind many manufacturers came personally to New York instead of beeing represented by a dealer. This adds value to Machines in Music.

It is a two-day exhibition with free admission and a concert night that you have to pay a little entrance fee for. The concert program was decent and took place on Saturday evening for about 7 hours. The audience wasn’t very mixed – the typical modular enthusiast was present, many middle-aged visitors, few young people. Nevertheless the atmosphere was welcoming and productive.

The event took place in two rooms, a hall in which the exhibition took place and another for the evening concerts on Saturday, with a partition wall between the exhibition section and the stage. Then there was a lecture room where lectures were held. All in all it was a nice vent with a bunch of interesting people. We are looking forward to Machines in Music in 2018!

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