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Update: Sacha Ketterlin live at Digitalanalog 2020

Update: Here is the second video by Sacha Ketterlin from Digitalanalog 2020:

With the second part of his live performance for the Digitalanalog Festival, Sacha Ketterlin presents a journey through melodic but also danceable techno.

At 128 BPM, he lets the legendary TR909 swing the beat to accompany the tempting synth lines he creates with his unique modular system. It is equipped with rare Macbeth modules that give it its special absorptive, richly structured electronic sound.
A Macbeth Micromac-D semi-modular synthesizer and a Buchla Easel Command are also used.

For real-time processing, all signals pass through Ableton, where they are further shaped by MIDI controllers.

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Last weekend it was time for another edition of Digitalanalog Festival in Munich. For many years SchneidersLaden and Alex4 were part of this festival for modern and new music. The many concerts and shows had to be streamed online this year as there was no audience allowed. SchneidersLaden and Alex4 contributed several videos of live performances and presented some of the most interesting electronic musical instruments.

This is the first video is showing Sacha Ketterlin playing a short ambient set with his setup consisting of mostly Macbeth synthesizers and eurorack modules, accompanied by a Buchla Easel Command and Ableton live.

News: Cwejman MBC-3 available tomorrow and MacBeth Elements EL2 exclusively at SchneidersLaden!

There are not many days on that you can write about news that include the names Cwejman and Macbeth – Today is one of these days! Let’s begin with the more urgent news:

  1. Tomorrow there will be 20(!) Cwejman MBC-3 modules available at SchneidersLaden. What sounds much isn’t really, you better be fast! Even more if you prefer the green version of Cwejman modules, only three MBC-3 of this color are available. The other seventeen ones are eggshell. Not convinced you need hat compressor in your life? Check out this workshop with Wowa Cwejman himself to get your head straight – LINK.
  2. The MacBeth Elements EL2 is exclusively available at SchneidersLaden! -> write an e-Mail

Many of you will already know and might have dreamed about this at night. There is a new version of the Element by the Scottish synth wizard Ken MacBeth – the Elements EL2, one of the most expressive analog synthesizers of recent years, with some new features and improvements and no MIDI – when compared to the first version. Due to the fact that most users of the first Elements were only using CV and Gate to connect their Elements to the outer world this is no real loss – and it made some additional circuits possible. That is why we now find more Sync options, single outputs for each VCO, some handpicked vintage components and a new spring reverb! Which version is better you ask? Well – Ken answers this with a simple: They are different and equally good. Only 30 Elements EL2 will be made! So hurry up, you will probably only get this one chance to get one!

Find some more words about this unique instrument here. Or get your fingers on the EL2 at SchneidersLaden showroom!



Ken Macbeth’s Elements is one of the most inspiring synthesizers currently available. No matter how hard you detune its oscillators, the results are always musical. The instrument’s basic character comes across creamy and fat at the same time. Thanks to a custom-made metal touch keyboard, the playability is one of a kind. With the Elements EL-2, Ken Macbeth presents a new version of his masterpiece at Superbooth 2018. At first sight, the synthesizer hasn’t changed much. – Besides the color, of course. Sound is generated by three VCOs with varying waveform selection and a white / pink noise source. External signals can be fed to the instrument via an audio input. For processing sounds, the Elements offers a ring modulator and a low-pass filter / resonator with variable edge steepness (-6 dB to -30 dB per octave). – Plus a VCA, of course. Furthermore, the instrument features a tape delay emulation and a spring reverb. In terms of modulators, there are two ADSR envelopes with a loop function and an opulently equipped LFO. The latter can be used as a fourth oscillator as well. The other way round, it is possible to decouple the third VCO from the audio path and use it as a modulator. For PWM sounds, you’ll find a separate, rather simple LFO. Instead of pitch and mod wheels, there are two extremely large, very handy knobs.

So, what is new about the EL-2 version? – Well, there is no MIDI interface anymore. This isn’t a big deal, as the implementation wasn’t that great anyways. No velocity, no aftertouch… You get the idea. – But what about the improvements? Did the old Scotsman f*ck us over? – He didn’t, of course. MIDI was dropped as an effort to implement new features. First of all, there are now separate enhance functions for the first and second VCO. In addition, you can now synchronize the third to the second VCO and / or the second to the first VCO. – The first version of the Elements only offered one synchronization option. Furthermore, a new, way more atmospheric spring reverb has been built-in. On top of that, the three VCOs now have separate outputs at the rear of the unit. And by the way: You still can control the synthesizer externally via CV and gate inputs. Modulations via external control voltages sources are possible as well.


But that’s not all. The overall sound of the EL-2 may sound a little more “vintage” to you. – Why, you ask? Well, because Ken now uses legendary RCA semiconductors from the 1970’s, including ICs type CA3046, CA3083, LM1458 (metal can) and CA3080E.

A final thought: The Elements EL-2 is all discrete Through Hole parts. Mr. Macbeth is not a big fan of SMD components.

SUPERBOOTH18 discounted ticket sale ends at 31December!

The year 2017 is coming to an end and with it the SUPERBOOTH18 discounted ticket sale on December 31 2017. Make sure to get your discounted tickets until the end of the year. In just a little more than four months the third Superbooth will happen at FEZ-Berlin, so the preparations are already in full swing. You can expect even more exhibitors and an expanded supporting program. This time from May 3rd until May 5th, 2018. Exhibitors, artists and guests have created this special welcoming and friendly atmosphere that makes Superbooth the incredible event it has been since the beginning. Superbooth lives from passionate people on all levels. We are constantly working on preserving this atmosphere while the event is growing. In the present stage, more than 80 % of the exhibitors from this year have already booked again for 2018. In addition, there will be many new and interesting exhibitors from different parts of the industry.

For everyone who did not attend or who wants to watch the Gesprächskonzerte or performances again should visit the SUPERBOOTH17 video page on Stromkult. There are constantly videos from SUPERBOOTH17 being released. Some rare moments can be found there, for example Mr Ken Macbeth performing with his band FucKeTyBucKetY – might be one of the most intense concerts any trade show has ever seen. One of the most watched videos so far is the incredible performance by Ströme who did a concert for Doepfer. You can find the videos here.


Get your tickets here.


We wish you all the best for the year 2018.

SchneidersLaden presents: SUPERBOOTH18
May 03 – 05, 2018 / FEZ Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin-Wuhlheide

Available now ex SchneidersLaden:

the Macbeth Elements is now online on SchneidersLaden and can be preordered here. We still dont know when exactly the first units will be coming in but as you know we always deal fair with such and hold all promises on european warranty issues and keep you informed over here. The price had to be lifted up to 5590 EUR now, if possible we can still sell it for cheaper once we have them.

a smaller better mac!

micromac_prototypeNow Ken macbeth starts to built up his desktopsynth micromac as show on Namm. It will be available as micromac desktop synth including a Kenton Midiinterface and as a micromac eurorack module. After the quite small unit will be a real analogue soundburner comparable with a (real) minimoog probably, I would like to recommend the desktop version even if its again some money more.
Shipping dates are still unclear – even if people on the web could have let you know something else. As usual we collect your preorders and get back to you for payments not before we are sure to get the units in soon.


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