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SchneidersLaden Modular Workshops in October

This week we are on the road for two special workshops in Innsbruck and Leipzig. For this reason and because we just moved with the showroom to Berlin Neukölln, we take a little break with our Berlin workshops until November. We will keep you posted about the new dates.

But if you are around, why not visit one of our workshops in Innsbruck or Leipzig?

Mikro:kosmos // Innsbruck – Fr. 27.10.2023

On Friday you can join our product expert and modular artist Jessica Kert in Insbruck for a special workshop on modular synthesizers during the Mikro:kosmos event.

Mikro:kosmos is a workshop day for sound production for FLINTA* people. Workshop tutor Jessy (Schneidersladen Berlin) will give insight into how to play with modular synthesizers. In this workshop (4-8pm) up to 20 participants are allowed to work with modular synthesizers and get to know their special features.

The Modular Synthesizer Workshop teaches you the basic principles for understanding electronic sound generation. In the first part of the event Jessica presents her personal approach to working with this versatile electronic musical instrument. She explains how to create a sound with the device, how to transform it and how to place it in a musical context. In the second part of the event, after a short break, the participants will be able to try out for themselves what sounds they can create with several modular synthesizers that will be provided.


DIY & Synth Meetup // Leipzig – Saturday 28.10.2023

(only a few tickets left!)

DIY & Synth Meetup is a community event for interested people in and beyond Leipzig. Highly interesting workshops all about synthesizers, synth DIY and 3D audio. For our first issue of the event series we were able to win very interesting cooperation partners.

The workshops start at 10:30am and require a pre-sale ticket. Join the Open Soundlab and ZiMMT’s 3D audio system for a workshop and jam session without a ticket and free of charge from 5pm, or just have drinks at the bar, meet and share ideas.

Our SchneidersLaden modular expert Timm Stobbe will pack a nice modular synth to bring with him. Join the event for a classic Modular Beginner Workshop by SchneidersLaden and many other interesting offerings at the DIY & Synth Meetup!



Modular Workshop exclusively for FLINTA* at SchneidersLaden

As an addition to our regular Modular Beginner Workshops we are offering a workshop exclusively for FLINTA* (in a previous version of this text we used the term ‘women and non binary’ – FLINTA* is the more accurate term) on February 16th at 6pm. Our dear colleague Jessica Kert will welcome you and tell you about her approach to modular synthesis.  

We know the synthesizer and (music scene in general) is a male dominated community – we see that every day. Therefor we will try to have these workshops more often in the future.

Please feel welcome to join us and learn the basic vocabulary of modular synthesis and how to patch! To secure your space in the workshop please write an email to JK@schneidersladen.de

Date: 16th of February – 6pm – at SchneidersLaden, Kottbusser Tor

SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH23

Jessy & Miquel – live modular music this Thursday

Nothing to do on Thursday evening? The SchneidersLaden Modular Workshop was already fully booked? But you can’t get through Thursday evening without your dose of modular synthesizers? Then we are happy to announce that there is a solution for this serious dilemma: Jessica and Miquel from SchneidersLaden will play live modular synthesizer music for you at the next Berlin Modular Society event – this Thursday at Fitzroy, doors 7:30pm, music from 8:30pm.

Here is the complete line-up:


Miquel Dangla

Jessica Kert 



Get more info and your tickets now: https://ra.co/events/1652181

Video: Jessica Kert live at SUPERBOOTH21

Berlin-based electronic musician and techno producer Jessica Kert especially enjoys playing improvised live sets with modular synthesizers. A while ago she discovered the Buchla200e system for herself during the lockdown. At her day job at SchneidersLaden, the noble device was always available after work and so a deeper understanding of the instrument developed over many hours of experimentation.

After some time, the point was reached to bring what she had learned to the stage, which we are very happy about. Enjoy the full documentation of her concert below:








SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH22

Video: Schneidersladen Spezial – concerts by SchneidersLaden in SchneidersLaden

This was a very special event at SchneidersLaden – the SchneidersLaden Spezial concert! Our employees prepared some concerts, live improvisations and performances to show what they are doing besides selling synthesizers.

First of all Jessica and Carlo played a superb set together – with Jessica on the modular and Carlo on MPC, Drumatix, looper and effects.

Second was Phil who showed what he can do with a turntable, a delay and some looping – he’s a magician.

Miquel then presented one of his adventurous modular techno sets – with almost only Verbos modules and an Elektron Rytm.

2244 invited COP to join him on stage for one of their massive and haunting live sets.

It was great fun and there will be a second edition at some point. Hope to see you there! Enjoy the video:

Jessica Kert – Buchla Music Easel


Jessica Kert erzählt über ihre Erfahrungen mit dem Buchla Music Easel. Dieser Workshopabend stand im Zeichen des Buchla Music Easel und den Erfahrungen die man mit diesem ikonischen Instrument in den ersten Monaten macht. Jessica stellt den Music Easel vor, spielt einige Sounds an und erklärt woher ihre große Faszination für dieses Instrument kommt.


Jessica Kert talks about her experiences with the Buchla Music Easel. This workshop evening was dedicated to the Buchla Music Easel and the experiences made with this iconic instrument in the first few months. Jessica introduces the Music Easel, plays some sounds and explains where her great fascination for this instrument comes from.

durch|einander – with SchneidersLaden Spezial

The durch|einander event in Magdeburg creates a creative and open space for electronic music and 30 hours of distraction. At one of the most colorful places in the city durch|einander is about connecting people and show what potential a cultural free space like the Aerosol Arena has – youth culture needs more space, Magdeburg is about to prove that it has a colorful scene that stands for diversity, tolerance and togetherness.

The organisers are looking forward to a mini premiere for Magdeburg: The nice specialist staff from SchneidersLaden in Berlin, THE Synthesizer specialist shop [ & place for electronic music ] at Kotti will visit attend the event. During the night the ladies and gentlemen play three live sets with their analog modular synthesizers. Attention: It could hit hard & goes deep.


– LIVE –


Schneidersladen Spezial:

Sync_ed Projekt:

– DJ’S –


Jewellery| Hoop | Tattoo| Yoga | silkscreen printing

Chill-out area

Entrance is on donation basis (5 to 10 Euro recommended)

More info HERE!


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