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Huettendorf of SUPERBOOTH21 fully booked

Andreas Schneider today announced that the special exhibition area “Huettendorf” for SUPERBOOTH21 is already fully booked. The small enclave in the park around FEZ Berlin will host an interesting community including Doepfer, E-RM, Vermona and more. This makes this part of the exhibition an attractive goal for all visitors of next years synthesizer related spring-time highlight.

HerrSchneider: “So our idea to let you have a smart walk in the park while checking out all news and products for electronic musicians has made a big step further to become concrete.”

The video was already created more than a year ago and – for obvious reasons – is not addressing the hygiene concept and the plan to use the Huettendorf as an exhibition and concert area. Nevertheless, the video gives a brief overview about the area and shows the potential to be a favorite outdoor-place for the guests of SUPERBOOTH21.

Superbooth20 Home Edition – Thank You & More Videos!

The Superbooth20 Home Edition was a great success and the organisers would like to thank everyone for their participation – the artists and brands who contributed videos, the media partners for their creative and informative contributions and of course everyone who followed the event on Thursday or at any other time. All single videos are now available on Vimeo and the official SuperBooth-Movies ( listen / learn / study / enjoy ) are also available from the official Youtube-Channel now.

Here are some official words by HerrSchneider:

Dear Visitors, Guests, Partners and Friends,

The SuperBooth20 Home Edition indeed gave an authentic impression of the missing real event to plenty of new visitors and all of us over the internet, it was a real success. Apart from the uncounted product introductions, technical updates and wonderful performances from all over the world we would like to let you listen to our very last words from two experienced artists and friends to keep these in mind for your next steps back into the wonderful world as it is. 

Resuming plenty of talks and discussions on Sonic State, Hainbach’s all day long YouTube streams and our own movies and interviews we had the impression to have formed the worldwide community a little bit stronger with what we did.

Exactly this was the job we were given in an online interview by Jean-Michel Jarre from France who could not join SuperBooth in time because his good friend Christophe who sadly passed away just a few days ago. 

The second “last word” was brought to us by our friend Daniel Miller for the “Miller Zillmer Stiftung” supporting artists and activities worldwide as a foundation now, also supporting the “modular synthesizer ensemble” reminding us to please support the next generation of upcoming artists with good ideas especially now.

The four blocks of the official SuperBooth-Movies ( listen / learn / study / enjoy ) are also available from our Youtube-Channel now, but if you follow the discussions we had, you will understand that the better way to watch them could be somewhere else. So please find everything including all single clips from Vimeo with texts on our website (https://www.superbooth.com/en/home-edition.html), thank you. 

And now please listen to Daniel Miller and Jean-Michel Jarre here or on www.superbooth.com, spread the words and stay home well, looking forward to welcome you all on board in Berlin again next year,  

With warmest regards,   

Andreas Schneider 

Embedding of individual videos possible on request. Please use the official Superbooth website to get in contact with the Superbooth team.

Modular at Musikmesse with Sacha K. & Tom K.

Whoever has a ticket for the Musikmesse in Frankfurt can try out various combinations of modular systems until Friday. The space and the modular systems are under the care of the nice gentlemen that you see on picture above Tom K. and Sacha K..

HerrSchneider and Musikmesse organized a 90 square meter big room for modular synthesizers at this years Musikmesse. The room is dedicated to educate school children in this exciting form of art. This is a contribution to building a following generation of synthesists, sound artists and musicians, as well as a chance to present the possibilities of modular synthesizer to contribute to physics, math and music classes to school teachers.

This mission will be continued and enhanced during this years SUPERBOOTH19, where the whole Saturday will be dedicated to education with special workshops for pupils and students.

Schools, universities and other educational institutions are welcome to ask for reduced ticket prices for the educational Saturday at SUPERBOOTH19. More info can be found here.

Radio Feature about Synthesizers by Radio Bremen Zwei

Radio Bremen Zwei made a special about our favorite electronic machine: The Synthesizer. The show is called “Sirenenklänge aus der Wundermaschine” – which translates to something like “Siren sounds from the miracle machine” and reflects the whole history of electronic musical instruments, beginning with Thaddeus Cahills Instrument Telharmonium. Walter Weber also talks to HerrSchneider and Dieter Döpfer and the current situation of electronic musical instruments – so make sure to have a listen!


We thank Walter Weber for his visit at SchneidersLaden and his intwerview with HerrSchneider and now all listen to the show online. Make sure to do the same (if you understand German).

Find the show HERE.


*Picture: Screenshot of the Radio Bremen Zwei website.

Happy New Year & ..

..all our best wishes for you and yours. Thank you for your ongoing partnership looking forward to meet you again this year.

Party King Hans is gone

VoodoopartyThe german king of easy listening James Last alias Hans (from Bremen) passed away in the age of 86 in Florida now. His most famous Vinyl (for me) called voodoo party is one of the favourites of my kids to dance around  nowadays. So the double base players are one less now.. MisterSchneider .. start your rehearsals again!


img_2959-2Yes: I am not on facebook, and I am not on Linkedn and I am not using ableton live nor iphones, ipads or paypal, it seems like I am an ignorant oldschool arsehole, I am sorry. Please forgive me, sometimes I blog twitter.

The little buchla boat

Buchla_boat_Namm_2014On this video Jeff is introducing us to the little threeboat by buchla that should be released “mid this year/soon”. It contains a Midi/usb to CV interface that also converts from minijack to banana in a new halfsize format that just exists in these little boats so far. Two more (classical) 200e modules can be added and used as a stand alone starter system then.

Schneidersladen closing!

Schneidersladen will be closed over christmas for a longer period of time: December, 20th will be the very last day in 2013 where we are able to sell you our very last few modules before the end of the year will happen to all of us. We have the strong hope to re-open the existing showroom in 2014 on January, 2nd again and we hope that you wont miss us too much in between to see you again next year. so .. enjoy your life and  have a good time!

Der Herr Schneider..

Yes, indeed. Der HerrSchneider (jr.!) ist morgen geladen, im Robert Johnson in Frankfurt/M im Rahmen der Reihe Robert Johnson Theorie etwas aus dem Nähkästchen zu plaudern.Vielleicht erzähle ich etwas über HerrSchneider oder ich mache einfach ein wenig Musik? Auf jeden Fall bringe ich etwas zum basteln und schrauben mit und ich freu mich drauf – also gern bis morgen.

Mystery Beatboxes..

img_2959-2..like this are existing indeed: It is a brilliant tool our dear friend Holger makes in a very limited series. Unfortunately they was selling faster than he could built them up and Navs Modular Lab reported about one of them waiting here to be picked up these days.  Thank you for the picture to Nav and Martin.


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