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Science meets Doepfer at DESY Research Center Hamburg

A special kind of collision occurs at the DESY research center in Hamburg this autumn: 15 artists from all over Germany will be exhibiting their works on the subject of “Dark Matter” on the research site. The works are a result of an intense exchange of ideas between scientists, working in the field of Dark Matter and artists, who are active in various fields ranging from painting, graphics, photography and film, sculpture, installation to sound and multimedia. It is the first art meets science project at DESY. Housed in the research and test halls, where the researchers will continue to operate during the exhibition. Therefor art will not only be a guest for one month, but will also become part of the research.

And as if this would not be interesting enough, there will be artist and musician Chris Pfeil playing on the perfect synthesizer for this event: The Doepfer Dark Energy alongside Doepfers Dark Time and R2M.

The Dark Energy by Doepfer has led many musicians to the dark side of the force. With its semi-modular approach, a convincing concept with MIDI, CV and USB interface and the powerful sound, it inspired people to integrate analog synthesis to their mobile rigs and home studios. It can be considered a pioneer of the affordable-analog-mono-synth revival that can be seen in recent years.

Artists and scientists met in a workshop at DESY to explore the subject of dark matter. Why do we know that there must be dark matter, how do we try to discover it and how could its discovery change our view of the world? The artists also reported on their work and work processes, and it became clear that scientists and artists have a lot in common. Experimentation, problem-solving strategies, the processing of failures and, of course, curiosity distinguish both professions.


A special thank you goes to Herr Auge Lorenz for his very nice picture “Klänge der Dunkelheit”.

These are the opening times for the Exhibition:

18.10.   Lecture and guided tour

25.10.   Lecture and guided tour

31.10.   International Dark Matter Day with short film programme

4.11.     DESY DAY (Open Day at DESY)

8.11.     Lecture and guided tour

9.11.     Finissage


Please register here for taking part in this exceptional event.



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