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NAMM 2018 – Catalyst Audio

David Small added some new modules to his line of Buchla 100 series clones for Eurorack. Model 114 is a dual square wave oscillator. At first glance, the design may looks limited, but let me assure you: It is awesome! Thanks to several inputs and outputs per VCO, you can do frequency modulation, cross modulation and amplitude modulation at the same time. – The results range from fat and smooth to weird and nasty.

catalyst 01_s

The second new module is the Model 195. It consists of two low-pass filters with adjustable and voltage controllable cutoff frequency as well as a band-pass circuit with four fixed outputs. The Model 195’s sound could be described as old school analog. The third module, Model 191, is a multi-mode filter with individually usable high-pass, low-pass and band-pass channel. Each filter features a big cutoff knob plus several FM inputs. There are no resonance parameters. However, there is a manually and voltage controllable bandwidth section to shift low-pass and high-pass in opposite directions. We can’t tell you anything about the module’s sound yet, as it wasn’t functional. That said, it should be noted that its full name is Model 191 Sharp Cutoff Filter.

catalyst 03_s

Furthermore, Catalyst Audio showed the Model 140 Timing Pulse Generator, a rather complex clock source, at the NAMM show 2018. On to of that, the Model 190 dual (spring) reverberator was introduced. This module is not a Buchla clone, but David’s very own design. – He said that every good Buchla system needs a spring reverb.

Catalyst Audio and Random*Source – bring back the classics

At the moment there are two very iconic, classic, modular systems available in Eurorack format, which even have a common history. Catalyst Audio transferred the legendary System 100 to Eurorack and Random*Source worked together with Serge Tcherepnin to bring classic Serge modules to the most diverse modular format that has ever existed. Serge’s intention of making his own designs is related to Don Buchlas early synthesizers, as Serge wanted to make a high quality but affordable synthesizer system available – in contrast to the more expensive Buchla. Therefor Serge sold synthesizer kits that could be built at home to keep the cost down. And Serges inspiration and motivation didn’t came from nothing: The Buchla already had something like a mystic aura to it, as the 100 series, the original San Francisco Tape Music Center modular synthesizer, originally was commissioned by Morton Subotnick and Ramon Sender.

Catalyst Audio now faithfully recreated six modules of Buchlas 100 Series and A/B tested them with an original 100 Series system to bring the original System 100 sound to Eurorack – and they achieved this goal. The analog circuits feature a discrete, transistor based design. Hand-picked components guarantee high performance, durability and excellent sound. The Audio and CV levels have been adjusted to be compatible with the Eurorack standard, therefor they used Op-amps. If you do not want anything “new” in your circuits these components can be removed from the signal flow via jumpers.


The history of the Serge incarnation in Eurorack is a little different. The makers of Random*Source adapted classic Serge designs to the Eurorack format and let Serge Serge Tcherepnin test and approve them to be real Serge designs under license and in cooperation with Serge Tcherepnin. Random*Source now offers both, the original format (4U) and modules for Eurorack. And it is still possible to build them on your own, as there are partial and full kits available at different retailers. This preserves the original intention of Serge Tcherepnin of making a high quality modular system, comparable to the Buchla, available for way less money.  So what you get is the original Serge sound, approved by Serge Tcherepnin himself, in a smaller format.

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