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The Future is back..

NAMMlumix_day1n2 166Jered Flickinger alias Future Retro was seen at the Big City Music booth showing off three new products: A little Masterclock with smart features and gliding parameter as a little round (srry, no pic), then he has a shuffle master to manage sync and midiclock outputs and routings and an expander for this.

He also shows his midi NAMMlumix_day1n2 163polyphonic notes-distribution tool (1 HP in the rack) that can make several monosynths be a poly one together plus many other features, I will try to make it a video still tomorrow.

Krauts on islands !

modular_ausschnittYes we do it: After some rumours we thought its a good idea: finally now we will open up a first showroom in London to touch, listen and feel the components of the modular world of nowadays. On October 10th we would be happy meeting you for our release of the modular testsalon inside Rough Trade East, please see more details on SchneidersBuero and/or here during next week. We still work on it.


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