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Machina Bristronica – this Saturday!

If you are based in the UK or happen to be there this Saturday, the Machina Bristronica event is a great place to spend the day! Many many brands such as AJH Synth, Endorphin.es, Doepfer, Eowave, Neuzeit Instruments, Between Machines, Vermona, Haken Audio, UDO Audio and Buchla USA will be exhibiting there! There will be DIY workshops concerts and talks. Frap Tools will also be hosting an educational workshop.

Around the main exhibition hall you’ll find all kinds of (modular) synthesizers, software, modular makers, drum machines, case builders and effects units from many well established instrument makers alongside plenty of unique and unusual independent designers.

In the concert room you’ll get to see great performances by no other than Julia Bondar, JacqNoise, Scanner, Dopplereffekt and many more – from 11:30 to 22:00.

Sounds like a fun day for any synth enthusiast!

Check out the website for more info.

A look at the AJH – ENTROPIC DOOM

Entropic Doom is designed to deliver everything from plain to pitched noise and is even capable of processing external audio signals. The way rhythmical structures melt with the internal audio path using the audio in knob in the upper right corner is simply beautiful and reminds you sometimes of side chain compression effects. The noise generation is all analogue, but unlike most everywhere else in the synths wolrd build around a c-mos logic chip and provides syncabilty so the noise bursts may track an oscillators frequency. The resonant 2/3/4 – pole filter tracks 1volt/octave, has an extra frequency cv input with attenuator and allows for voltage control over resonance and sounds good enough to see this module as a very special low pass filter even.

AJH Synth

AJH Synth

At Superbooth18, AJH Synth presents the Wave Swarm module, a dual six-stage wave animator reminiscent of Roland’s Super Saw introduced in 1997 with the JP8000.

It will take a simple sawtooth wave to six or twelve simultaneous sawtooth waves and give you very big sound out of only one oscillator. Both channels feature a Dry knob to blend the original signal with the wet signal. The volume of each of the twelve wave animator is controlled by a potentiometer so you can precisely adjust the sound.

It features two inputs, two outputs and a mix output, which gives you a mix of both channels. So for example you can feed a triangle to A, a sawtooth to B and take the sum of both channels at the mix out.


Another new module from AJH Synth is the V Shape. It gives you an amazing wave-shaper featuring a distortion and a wave-folder.

The shape potentiometer will make it possible to morph from a sawtooth to triangle, to a ramp waveform. Additionally there is an integrated distortion you can use independently thanks to separate inputs and outputs. It features CV over drive.

There is also an integrated wave-folder which you can turn on and off to further shape the sound. On top of that you can choose between soft and hard clipping with a switch.

With this module you will be able to twist and distort the incoming signal in many ways.

Radek Rudnicki’s presentation of AJH Synth modules @SUPERBOOTH17

AJH Synth are a UK based manufacturer of Eurorack modules, specialised in handmade vintage analogue designs. The MiniMod system is a range of analogue modules that very accurately recreate the early Moog Model D synthesiser in Eurorack modular format, with further modules now available to expand it into a fully featured modular synthesiser. And they even have some unique designs like the Sonic XV Filter, Ring SM ring modulator/sub bass/mixer and the Finaliser R-EQ. Here you can hear some experimental sounds from the classy AJH Synth eurorack module line. This is a short excerpt from Radek Rudnicki’s AJH Synth Gesprächskonzert at SUPERBOOTH17.

You can get an impression of this quality line of modules at AJH Synth’s Booth E150 during SUPERBOOTH18.


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