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New workshop series at SchneidersLaden in February and March!

On February 13th SchneidersLaden begins a new workshop series that will run until the end of March. Exciting guests are announced, such as IO Instruments from Berlin, who will open the event series. IO Instruments are a new modular maker with a couple of interesting and affordable new designs, some of them already available.

A week later – February 20th – Jörg Schaaf aka Radikal Technologies will be in Berlin to talk about (and show) his latest synthesizer designs like the Delta Cep A. He is responsible for some modern classic synth designs from Germany – like the Spectralis and Accelerator.

The last workshop in February – on the 27th – is reserved for Frap Tools, who presented their Fumana Filterbank at SchneidersLaden in March 2018. Now, about two years later, they are back with the USTA Sequencer and might also present the resent prototype of Brenso – fingers crossed.

The first workshop in March will be held by Genki Instruments from Iceland – on March 5th! This innovative manufacturer has brought us the Wave and a dedicated eurorack module Wavefront. The combination is an easy and reliable gestural contoller for everyone who is interested in wireless control of his or her synthesizers! This should be an interesting evening!

The 12th of March is reserved for visual artist VanTa. He will show you what he uses to generate graphical extravaganza with modular synthesizers. The focus will be on video synthesizers including modules by LZX Industries that allow your modular synthesizer to generate and process video signals.

March 19th: Michael Menze and 1010 Music will be presenting their eco-system of modules for sound generation, sequencing, effects and sampling.

March 26th: The last event of this workshop series will be by ACL from Berlin. Their Sinfonion module gained a lot of attention and might be the perfect tool to keep larger modular systems in tune. Learn more about this and other amazing modules by ACL in this workshop.

All workshops start at 7:30pm – right after the Modular Beginner Workshop that is on schedule every Thursday at 6pm. Learn more about the modular Beginner Workshop here.

To celebrate the announcement of the next workshop series, SchneidersLaden is releasing the Ableton CV Tools workshop video today. Enjoy!

Krake Label & Synth Market

The Krake Festival is on again! With another edition of the Label Market -> this time expanded to with some fine synthesizer manufacturers. The event takes place on Friday from 2-10pm at Urban Spree.

You will be able to see, hear and test machines by Verbos Electronics, MFB, Frap Tools, Doepfer, ACL and more during the event. But that’s not all – there will also be special live modular music from Josephine Töpfer (2:30pm) and Tom Holroyd (6:30pm)! Don’t miss this – the weather is going to be great, so take the chance to explore some modulars outdoors!

We have already been there today, here are some impressions.


More information about the event can be found HERE.

ACL Sinfonion – NAMM 2019 News

ACL presents a fairly well-advanced prototype of the long awaited Sinfonion! This quantizer, arpeggiator …. music theory in module form… is almost ready for production and preorders are taken here! Please notice that the buttons are going to be the round ones shown on this picture, older prototypes showed square buttons.

The ACL Sinfonion is an innovative harmonic processor. It features three independent quantizers, a four-voice chord generator and an arpeggiator. Furthermore there is a complex progression sequencer, which lets you create full-blown songs with four parts and up to 32 sections. – An amazing tool for making complex music with your modular setup.

What’s new?

After SUPERBOOTH18 there are a lot of new things added to SchneidersLaden. Here comes a wild compilation of what we have new in the store or will have later. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more new things on our list!

To begin we have GRP Synthesizers from Italy now entering the eurorack modular market. The GRP Synthesizer products are completely hand-assembled and have a characteristic GRP sound and design. These high quality modules are already up on the website and can be pre-ordered. Sonic Potions is finally producing the versatile Malaclypse module. We already have one unit in our showroom – so come by and check it out! Create infinite variations of modulation voltages, digital noise timbres or process external audio through this creative tool. Also new at SchneidersLaden are the modules by the passionate Chinese manufacturer Meng Qi. If you have been involved with eurorack modular synthesizers you most likely have seen and heard his modules before, but you always had to order these from China. Find them now at SchneidersLaden! Follow this LINK.

Have you ever heard of the company building distortion units in Portland already in the 1920’s? No? Neither have we – because no one has done that! But we know what they would have looked like – if they every came to existence: Like the units from Retro Mechanical Labs – great looking effects boxes with a strong impressive sound! Find these nice boxes of heavy sound now at SchneidersLaden.

More specialties from eurorack and stand-alone territories are the new Stargazer, Jarmaggeddon and Leapfrog

The Stargazer from Møffenzeef Mødular is a new approach on digital drone synthesis – a very aggressive sound machine. In contrast to other drone generators the Stargazer is about digital goodness than analog oscillator swarms and about unheard walls of sound. The most reduced form of a digital drone synth might be the Jarmaggeddon – another development by Møffenzeef Mødular. To add another coast to the debate there is now the North Coast Synthesis. But instead of bringing a new alternative approach of synthesis this new company brings a fresh approach to low-pass-filtering. The MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF has a totally new circuit design and sounds just massive!

The guys over at Gearslutz have made a little documentary about ACL. Get some insights to the work of this module maker from Berlin. And: Hear some special sounds from their products, especially the huge sounding new VCO! Follow this LINK for the video.

And in case you didn’t notice yet: We have cut shipping costs! For orders from schneidersladen.com the shipping costs are omitted from May. This applies to all orders above 200 Euro* within Germany and from 500 Euro* within the EU, to Norway and Switzerland. Subsequent deliveries are generally free of charge.     * incl. VAT

More News: Have you been to our new event room? In Schneiders VideoTheke workshops, concerts and presentations of manufacturers, artists and friends of SchneidersLaden will take place every Thursday. Next one is a workshop with Mutable Instruments on Thursday 24th of May. Find out more here.




Martin Schönauer and Stefan Lewin introduced a very impressive oscillator circuit at Superbooth 2018, the Multifunction Discrete VCO. As the name suggests, it is a fully discrete design based on a saw tooth core. The module consists of a VCO and a sub-oscillator. Both (!!!) feature outputs for sine, triangle, saw, ramp and variably wide pulse waveforms. By layering several waves, you can create extremely fat sounds. – Not exactly a surprise, as the circuit was inspired by classic Moog designs. For altering the main VCO’s pitch, there are coarse and fine tune controls. The latter is not just an average knob, but a 10-turn potentiometer. – We love the feel. Thanks to a linear detune option, pitch independent “beating” effects, as Martin calls them, can be achieved. The results are very musical and lively. On top of that, there are individual, voltage controllable PW / PWM sections with switchable carrier. Depending whether the saw, ramp or triangle shape is selected, the behavior while altering the pulse width changes.


As known from the Roland-based Variable Sync VCO, ACL’s Moog-style oscillator offers extensive synchronization options. In detail, you can crossfade between no sync, several degrees of soft sync and hard sync. Additionally, there is a switch to decide whether synchronization should happen on rising or falling edges. – This is important for maintaining the correct phase relation with some applications. A gate input makes it possible to restart the VCO. – Great for generating punchy basses and drums. An LFO mode allows you to use the module as a complex modulation source.

Last but not least, the FM functionality of the Multifunction Discrete VCO should be mentioned. There are linear and exponential inputs with attenuators. The linear FM can be used in an AC or DC mode.

The Multifunction Discrete VCO will become available in summer. Its price will be 860 Euro including German VAT (19%).

In other news, ACL will not only offer individual modules, cases and power supplies from now on, but a fully loaded modular system as well. It consists of the following circuits:

  • Two Variable Sync VCOs
  • Dual State Variable VCF
  • VC Panning Amplifier
  • Gate Mix
  • Oktave
  • Envelope X3
  • QLFO
  • VC Dual Delay
  • M/S Matrix
  • Audio Interface


For powering the system, ACL designed a high quality 4 HP module. It emits 1000 mA at +12 V and -12 V as well as 500 mA at +5 V. We admit, this data isn’t exactly mind-blowing. However, keep in mind that you don’t need to calculate any “headroom”, as known from other power supplies. For instance, you really can draw 1000 mA from the +12 V rail without ever worrying about overheating. The other specs scream high quality as well. This is why ACL decided to make the module available as an individual product as well. – We should have it in SchneidersLaden very soon. The price will be 225 Euro including German VAT (19%). The ACL modular system will also be available in a matter of weeks. Its price has yet to be determined.

Fideuà and synths – Modular Day Barcelona 2017

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Modular Day Barcelona was a complete success again. The halls were full of interested and interesting people and the many workshops were well attended. There were probably more guests on site than last year. A rain shower had its premiere this year, but as it drove the visitors straight into the exhibitor’s hall, it was not really unwelcome at all, except perhaps by the chefs that were cooking a Catalan paella (Fideuà). For them it was quite a fight to keep the pan dish from degenerating into a fish soup… which luckily didn’t happen!

On the exhibitor side there have been the usual suspects: Befaco, Erica Synths, Endorphin.es, FrapTools, TouellSkouarn and many more. For the first time Mr. and Mrs. Verbos personally honored the Modular Day Barcelona.

Like in the past years speakers were strictly forbidden at the booths and only headphones could be used. Our systems were well prepared with Doepfer A-139-2, ACL Audio Interface and Vermona Twin Out. And as a result of that regulation the overall atmosphere was very relaxed. Most interest could be raised by new modules. For Doepfer, the A-111-4 Quad Precision VCO was quite well received. A lot of VCO in a small space. Approximately 100 Euro per VCO are a really good deal. Thanks to the MS-Matrix and a funny stereo patch, ACL caught a lot of attention underneath the headphones. The new Discrete Core Ladder VCF in particular has created a positive impact. The striking appearance of the Quad Envelope prototype from Vermona caused lots of curious glances and so the news like randomRHYTHM or quadroPol didn’t get lost in the unified and beautiful Vermona look.

In addition to pure modular synthesizers, the Taula4 Rotary Mixer and Podium Mikrokosmus (active summing mixer) have expanded the shown product ranges with the presentation of audiophile gear made in Spain. Hopefully we will see more of these products at SUPERBOOTH18. In contrast to the last years the evening concerts took place only partly at the actual venue, the hangar. The program was about as strenuous as it can get. Party till 05:30am (at least officially) and then start again at 10.30am. So you had lots of opportunities to have a good time, but not for sleeping.

We want to say thank you to the Befaco Team who have handled everything in a very professional and friendly way. See you at SUPERBOOTH18!


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